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The big question: Can you afford start-up PR?


It’s no secret entrepreneurs and startups need to do more with less. Budgets are almost always tight and PR can often be seen as an unnecessary luxury. However, with a few DIY strategies and tricks of the trade, even the smallest budget can deliver great startup PR.

No Budget – The same DIY spirit that got your startup going can be applied to just about anything, including PR. Not being ready to allocate budget doesn’t…

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Top Tips: How to Get Startup PR Value on a Budget


Effective startup PR is like a pair of shoes, one size definitely does not fit all. Whilst you may want the world to know about your new product or service, the reality is that you will have a finite budget with which to work and that will dictate the size and scale of your campaign. A smaller budget, however, doesn’t have lower quality. Here’s how to get startup PR value on a budget.

A targeted …

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PR Tactics: Startup PR Creative Campaigns


Let’s say you have successfully launched your startup. Things are going well but you feel like not many people know about you. You have heard that PR could help but you are not sure because you’re not new. Is there anything to PR? This is where startup PR creative campaigns come in.

The good news is that PR can help. A good PR doesn’t just pitch news, he or she knows how to make  it. …

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Start-up Media Relations – Where do I begin?


If you are a startup then you’ve probably asked yourself this, “How can I get media as excited about my product as I am?” Getting the media to cover your business can be quite a challenging task, particularly because large business occupies most of the media space, but there’s a couple of tips and tricks to grabbing journalists’ attention and keeping it. Here are our top tips for start-up media relations:

Timing is everything

Pitching …

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Top Tips: How to Achieve Startup Growth


You’ve spent months, even years working on your dream startup, turning it into a reality. After scoring funding, testing your product (over and over and over again) you’re left wondering… what now? How do I take that next step and get my startup noticed? How do I achieve startup growth? This is the perfect time to consider PR.

PR is about getting you and your company noticed by your target audience, whether they are customers …

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How to Make Christmas Product Events Sparkle!


Say the word Christmas to a PR and they will automatically think of July. In our world, Christmas starts at the beginning of summer and runs to the 24th December.  Monthly publications have long lead times and so whilst we are all heading for the beach, magazine editorial teams are planning and preparing bumper festive issues, that’s why we need to be ready to pitch our clients seasonal ranges. This is also one of the …

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PR Tactics: Days of Note News Hijack


Today marks Roald Dahl ‘s 100th birthday, and what would a centenary celebration be without a fanfare of press coverage!? These types of anniversaries are priceless for editorial opportunities in the press, and where ever possible, should be taken full advantage of – a perfect news hijack opportunity.

Buoyed up by the much-anticipated release of The BFG movie last month, the press can’t get enough of anything and everything Roald Dahl. Making sure you time …

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Lifestage vs. Snapchat – Vlogging Social Media


The battle of the vlogging social media – lifestage vs Snapchat – who will win? Lifestage, Facebook’s latest app allows you to make short biographical video clips to build a profile. It competes with Snapchat for the attention of teenagers, a demographic Facebook itself has been losing traction with. But is Lifestage really so different from Snapchat? We outline the similarities and differences for you:


Both apps allow you to make videos. Lifestage works…

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PR Tactics: Brand Management – Going Back to Basics for AI


We’ve all read those potentially scary articles about the latest artificial intelligence developments, perpetuating the belief that humans will be destroyed by intelligent Terminator style robots or Dalek hoardes. This sounds like a case for some good brand management, and perhaps now is the time to take it back to basics for the latest technology superstar.

From a communications perspective, AI needs good PR.  There needs to be a much greater focus on clarifying what …

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How to measure PR


This week, the eyes of the world’s PR big-wigs will turn to London as it hosts AMEC’s International Summit, the coming together of the biggest names in communications to discuss the 5Ms (Making Metrics Matter – Taking Measurement Mainstream), yes you can always rely on PRs for a snappy title. Yet there’s a reason why hundreds of communications professionals gather to ponder how to measure PR. It’s because every client, every boss, every business that …

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