13 October 2016 Business Media Musings PR Musings

Start-up Media Relations – Where do I begin?

If you are a startup then you’ve probably asked yourself this, “How can I get media as excited about my product as I am?” Getting the media to cover your business can be quite a challenging task, particularly because large business occupies most of the media space, but there’s a couple of tips and tricks to grabbing journalists’ attention and keeping it. Here are our top tips for start-up media relations:

Timing is everything

Pitching the media at the right time is half the battle. The more time you can give the journalist, the better. As a general rule, lead times are three months for magazines, two weeks for newspapers, and a few days for online publications. This will give the journalist enough time to do research, attend any events or meetings with you and have a piece ready for the agreed timing.

What makes news?

Understanding what makes the news and was doesn’t is vital to pitching your startup correctly. Are there any events, awards or industry exhibitions related to your industry coming up? Is your company solving a problem that is making headlines? Is there a topic in the news that you can offer valuable comment on? The most effective way to get the media’s attention is to think about what their audience is likely to be interested in rather than what you want to tell them about your business.

Have your assets ready

Part of getting your startup into the news is having assets to back you up, particularly when you are new to the market. Make sure you have your company profile, your fact sheet, and your updated bios ready to go.

Media need evidence. Work with your PR team to come up with facts and data to support your claims. Alongside with a good news story, that will increase the probability of your story making it.

By analysing the news agenda, timing your story and adapting your content to the outlet, you will win that much-deserved media attention!

For support getting your start-up noticed drop us an email on info@cherishpr.com or call us on +44 (0)203 626 0282

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