Our Communications Accelerator startup 2024 is… SuperFi!

We are delighted to announce that SuperFi, the Fintech app that helps people to stay on top of their bills and out of problem debt, has been chosen for our 2024 Communications Accelerator programme.

The cost of living crisis has left nearly 10 million people heavily in debt in the UK and creating an easy to use solution for people to move themselves out of financial problems will have a significant positive impact on society.

SuperFi was chosen for the Communications Accelerator after a powerful presentation and interviews with co-founder, Tom Barltrop. He believes that PR must be at the heart of the business, to attract those in debt to download the app and to encourage them to actively manage their finances using the technology.

SuperFi will launch later this year after going through rigorous tests, thorough reviews and clearances. This means that users will have absolute confidence that this ground-breaking technology is ready to support them on their journey out of debt.

The Communications Accelerator Programme was launched in August 2023 as an initiative to help young innovators scale their businesses through powerful PR and communications. We’re already working closely with SuperFi to provide communications counsel and advisory services, PR and publicity, content and campaign creation.

And don’t forget, to visit our Blog for SuperFi PR updates in 2024.