20 October 2016 Business PR Musings

PR Tactics: Startup PR Creative Campaigns

Let’s say you have successfully launched your startup. Things are going well but you feel like not many people know about you. You have heard that PR could help but you are not sure because you’re not new. Is there anything to PR? This is where startup PR creative campaigns come in.

The good news is that PR can help. A good PR doesn’t just pitch news, he or she knows how to make  it. Developing ideas and creating content is the marque of a good agency and it’s this that will shift your startup from background noise, to front and centre. Here are few ideas of how it’s done:

Events & special dates – Events, conferences, awards, celebrations and awareness daysare all opportunities to promote yourself and your company and engage with your target audience.

For example, we launched The Gloriumptious Worlds of Roald Dahl by Carlton Publishing on the weeks leading to the celebration of his 100 birthday, which allowed us to feature the book within articles and product pages related with the author’s birthday celebrations.

Hot topics – It’s crucial for businesses that are trying to establish themselves  to take part in industry conversation. Your PR team will be able to identify these topics and connect you with the right journalist or influencer to make sure you are part of the conversation that’s important in your field. Being quoted in a hot story can help you build your personal brand, raise awareness for your business and even lead people to search you out.

Bylines & advice – A great way to position yourself or another member of staff as an expert is through contributed content. Advice or comment placed in a key outlet raises awareness and can drive people to your website to find out more.

For example, when working with SpeedDater, we placed advice pieces recommending ways to get back into the dating game. Aimed at singles, this boosted SpeedDater’s profile and positioned the spokesperson as an expert in dating.

White papers & surveys – A popular way of creating news is through surveys, data collection or case studies. It’s not always necessary to pay a company to do this for you, why not tap into the knowledge of your own audiences, at little or no cost?

These are just a few ideas to get your PR rolling but with effective strategy and planning, PR can help build your startup’s profile from the ground up, even if you think you do not have much to say. So get thinking about your startup PR creative campaigns, or even better give us a shout on info@cherishpr.com!

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