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How to choose a PR agency for your business

When you are looking for an agency, the natural choice may be a specialist in your sector.

At Cherish PR we are often approached by young, fast-growing businesses trying to choose the best PR agency.

It’s an exciting time as these companies search for the best marketing techniques to drive growth, build new audiences and drive customers into their business.

However, often after speaking with these brilliant businesses we have to decline the opportunity to work with them. Not because we don’t want to represent them, but because we aren’t the right …

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Occasionally we offer our PR services pro bono and it’s been incredible over the past few weeks to work in that capacity with Dr Gruff Davies on his mission to increase awareness of the benefits of Vitamin D in the fight against Covid-19.

Dr Davies has gathered a group of eminent scientists who are lobbying the UK Government to recommend that we all take at least 2000 IU of Vitamin D every day. Many studies, …

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#RaidArea51 is digital PR in progress


RaidArea51 has all the makings of a perfect digital PR campaign.

Tomorrow (20th September 2019), thousands of conspiracy theorists will supposedly storm the Nevada desert to reveal the US secrets stored in Area 51. For those of you closer in age to the area number, this phenomenon may have passed you by but in the new digital world, it’s been on the virtual front page for months.

According to Facebook, there are currently 5000 people …

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Festivals & brands: the big experiential marketing opportunity


British Summer Time festival in full flow!

Festival season is officially underway, from popular music events such as The Great Escape and Download to foodie festivals like Taste London which have already taken centre-stage this year. With an increasing number of summer-time festivals happening, and the consumer appetite seems ever-growing, it got us thinking – does experiential marketing at festivals really work?

Festivals are a big deal. Thousands of people flock to a particular city, …

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It’s PR, not ER! – World Mental Health Day and PR


Did you know that public relations is one of the most stressful industries to work in?  Year after year PR ranks in the top ten most stressful jobs in the world, sitting not-so comfortably beside doctors, firefighters, airline pilots & military personnel.  Every PR has heard the saying; ‘It’s PR darling, not ER,’ but judging by this survey, it very well might be!

According to PRCA’s latest #FuturePRoof research on mental health in the industry, …

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