30 May 2023 Awareness Business Just For Fun


Albert Einstein once said, “creativity is intelligence having fun”. To celebrate National Creativity Day, we are sharing what inspires us to get creative.

Whether it’s how to engage with new audiences, manage brand communications, or think about quick-fire solutions, fast – our creativity keeps our clients ahead of the competition.

Here are the tools our team use to ignite ideas and stay creative:

1. Walking in Nature

While walking can increase blood flow to the brain and reduce stress, it’s also been proven to improve creativity, especially when walking in nature.

Trees are “social creatures” that communicate with each other, says ecologist Suzanne Simard. They are linked and share information and nutrients to keep healthy and to protect themselves. Nature is imaginative to thrive, so with your mind in nature, a stroll can will help ideas flourish.

2. Cultivating Creativity in Art and Music

Music and art often break away from conventional patterns and norms. They challenge established ideas and encourage individuals to think outside the box.

They also have the power to tell stories and convey narratives. Like PR and communications, they tap into pop culture, social and economic issues or human-interest stories. Through experimentation, we uncover uncharted territories that can spark fresh ideas and approaches.

3. Turn off Tech

Constant exposure to technology and digital devices can lead to mental fatigue and information overload. Taking a break from tech allows our team to rest their minds, recharge, and recover from the constant stream of stimuli. This mental rejuvenation creates space for fresh ideas and insights to emerge, leading to increased creativity especially when we are going into brainstorming and idea generation.

4. Doodling

As you engage in spontaneous doodling, your mind may wander, triggering new connections and associations between ideas. The seemingly random doodles can serve as starting points for generating fresh concepts and creative thinking.

When faced with a complex problem or a creative block, doodling can help visualise and map out ideas, explore different concepts and make connections between different topics. It can also provide a safe space for experimentation and exploration, without the pressure to have a finished idea.

Creative blocks are sometimes fuelled by perfectionism or the fear of making mistakes. Doodling can be a liberating practice that encourages imperfection and embraces the spontaneous nature of creation

5. People Watching

People watching provides a wealth of stories and observations. As you observe people in public, you can witness interesting or amusing situations, conversations, or gestures that can spark the imagination.

In public spaces you also encounter people from different backgrounds, cultures, and walks of life. This exposure to diverse cultures and perspectives can broaden your creative horizons and inspire you to explore new themes.

6. Idea Generator

Technology company Apple was named after the fruit for its simplicity, friendliness, and the fact that it was unrelated to the computer industry. It is now one of the most recognised brands in the world.

An idea generator is a tool, technique, or resource that helps generate new and innovative ideas. It assists in stimulating brainstorming sessions, and inspiring fresh perspectives.

One idea generator involves generating random words, phrases, or combinations of words to spark creative thinking. By linking unrelated concepts, you can uncover unexpected connections and generate new ideas. Online tools, such as random word generators or idea generation apps, can provide you with random prompts to get started.




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