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Here are CherishPR’s 5 Top Tips for using TikTok in a PR campaign

No other platform has seen the same rise in popularity as TikTok, hitting 689 million monthly users in January 2021, with 17 million of those in the UK alone. The simple TikTok creation format of 15 second videos, soundtracked by catchy music clips has become a wildly popular concept initially amongst younger audiences aged 16-25, but cross-sharing to Instagram and Facebook has …

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Introducing Loud, our new social media and influencer marketing team


We have exciting news!  This week we are introducing Loud, a brand new social media and influencer marketing team.

Just like Cherish, Loud will work with fast-growth brands and startups to create smart social and influencer strategies that integrate with media relations.

Formerly part of 1000Heads, Loud joined the Cherish portfolio in 2019, bringing clients including eBayforCharity and Elanco. Headed by Director, Danielle Carter, Loud will now offer paid and organic social campaigns, content planning …

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#RaidArea51 is digital PR in progress


RaidArea51 has all the makings of a perfect digital PR campaign.

Tomorrow (20th September 2019), thousands of conspiracy theorists will supposedly storm the Nevada desert to reveal the US secrets stored in Area 51. For those of you closer in age to the area number, this phenomenon may have passed you by but in the new digital world, it’s been on the virtual front page for months.

According to Facebook, there are currently 5000 people …

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I gave up Instagram for Lent and you should too


I gave up Instagram for Lent.

I never really knew what true craving meant until on Day 1, I popped on my jammies and pulled up the bed covers, and as part of my bedtime routine, I reached for my iPhone to open up a world of beautiful images ready to send me to sleep. The craving was intense. Just one tap to browse beautiful interiors, dream of powder white sands, be creatively inspired by …

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How PR and SEO will help our clients in 2019


At Cherish, we enter this New Year full of anticipation, fresh thinking and some brave new solutions too (yes, Prime Minister – take note!).  It’s 2019. Lets talk PR and SEO.


Last year, our work with innovation brands, entrepreneurs and digital disruptors showed us what our agency needs to do to make life easier for our time poor clients.


Gone are the days when clients have the space or energy to engage several …

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Top Tips: Social Media Content


Social media content – endless supply of holiday selfies or a chance to build a brand? Everyone is on social media, whether its to share holiday snaps or to send friends a hilarious YouTube video. Our love of sharing content has created the perfect environment for marketers to quickly reach potential customers.

For brands to have a good social presence can be costly. Consumers demand good quality content, they want competitions, videos, GIFs, beautiful imagery …

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Social Media Trends: Periscope


Social media trends change almost on a weekly basis. Every few months a new app pops up that gets us just a little bit excited here at Cherish. Launched in late March, Periscope had us from the words ‘live stream’. We downloaded and eagerly awaited the notifications to watch our first live video. After watching a select few – some good, some not so good, it got us thinking if people are using the service …

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PR Tactics: Blogger Relations Advice


Blogger relations; can it be time consuming? Yes, but is it a waste of time? True blogs are an influential channel to reach a highly targeted and engaged audience and an important component of your SEO strategy, but so many brands’ SEO teams simply buy their way into blogs and in doing so, waste their money and their time.

Convincing a blogger that the brand is a good fit and asking them to commit to …

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