25 August 2016 Business Social Media Tech

Top Tips: Social Media Content

Social media content – endless supply of holiday selfies or a chance to build a brand? Everyone is on social media, whether its to share holiday snaps or to send friends a hilarious YouTube video. Our love of sharing content has created the perfect environment for marketers to quickly reach potential customers.

For brands to have a good social presence can be costly. Consumers demand good quality content, they want competitions, videos, GIFs, beautiful imagery – anything that’s sharable. This type of content requires photographers, stylists, graphic designers and that’s before you have hired a social expert and factored in your promotional spend!


Thats why we have come up with some clever photography social media content tips to save you time, money and allow you to make the most out of your content without having to be a PhotoShop expert.


  • Look at that assets you have. If you already have a bank of photography use repurpose it. Layering images to create a GIF is a simple way of getting free and beautiful content.
  • Crop, edit, recreate – There are so many amazing apps which allow you to filter, merge, chop and change images to create new pictures. Try Do Camera, After Light or Google photos – all free apps which allow you to make your pictures beautiful.
  • Try splitting an image into a jigsaw and share different pieces each day – this extends the reach of one image an is a great way to reveal a new product to your followers
  • Use your audience – The whole point of social for business is to get your followers to engage with your brand – so share their content! If you’re a food brand, challenge your audience to create a recipe and share the image.
  • You don’t always need new content – take advantage of hashtags such as #throwbackthursday and ask your followers if they remember an old product, etc.


Try these clever social media content tips to get more from your photography content!

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