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Top Tips: How to Achieve Startup Growth


You’ve spent months, even years working on your dream startup, turning it into a reality. After scoring funding, testing your product (over and over and over again) you’re left wondering… what now? How do I take that next step and get my startup noticed? How do I achieve startup growth? This is the perfect time to consider PR.

PR is about getting you and your company noticed by your target audience, whether they are customers …

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Cherish PR Launches Startup PR Services – Little Bear


We are launching a brand new division of Cherish PR called Little Bear. Little Bear provides start-up PR support with PR, social media and communication services. After years working with clients such as eHarmony, Indiegogo and, we can appreciate the many pain points startups face. With an estimated 70-90% of startups falling short, there’s a massive need for cost effective services that will help startups thrive.
Our Founder and Managing Director, Rebecca Oatley, created …

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Top Tips: Social Media Content


Social media content – endless supply of holiday selfies or a chance to build a brand? Everyone is on social media, whether its to share holiday snaps or to send friends a hilarious YouTube video. Our love of sharing content has created the perfect environment for marketers to quickly reach potential customers.

For brands to have a good social presence can be costly. Consumers demand good quality content, they want competitions, videos, GIFs, beautiful imagery …

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Digital PR Agency Award Win for Cherish PR


We are thrilled to announce that we have been named Digital PR Agency of the Year by the Technology, Media and Telecoms (TMT) in the 2016 Media Awards!

The last decade has seen a significant shift towards digital platforms. This change led the PR industry to evolve in order to meet the ever-changing client needs. Digitalised platforms have enhanced the way companies and individuals communicate and strive in the continuously evolving world of media.

At …

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How to measure PR


This week, the eyes of the world’s PR big-wigs will turn to London as it hosts AMEC’s International Summit, the coming together of the biggest names in communications to discuss the 5Ms (Making Metrics Matter – Taking Measurement Mainstream), yes you can always rely on PRs for a snappy title. Yet there’s a reason why hundreds of communications professionals gather to ponder how to measure PR. It’s because every client, every boss, every business that …

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Top Tips: Talent PR on a Budget


Looking to do talent PR but worried about the budget? We’re excited to be working with wonderful talent consultant Nicola Ibison who has been managing celebrities since 1998 with leading agencies like NCI and James Grant Management. Knowing that brands don’t always have A List budgets, she’s given us a few tips on how to work effectively with talent when you may not have the big bucks to pay for it.

“Companies behind brands often …

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The Road to Success: Solving Challenges of High Growth


This week we hosted a workshop with our client for start-ups and small businesses, with the topic of understanding the challenges faced by high growth. High growth is a goal for some small businesses, but at what cost to the longevity of the company? Grow too fast and you can be tripped up by back-end technology and team support, which will cause your customer engagement to free-fall. On the flip-side, not growing fast enough …

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Client Snapshot: Indiegogo Campaign Media Training Tips


Our media training specialist once said ‘people think they know exactly how to deal with media based on what it’s done in TV dramas and films’, but there’s much more to it and that’s why it’s crucial to understand the media landscape and what makes a story appealing to the media.

One of the most important things for media is timing, significance and proximity. Journalists are looking for stories that are new and trending, but …

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How to create a PR campaign for your pop-up


PR campaigns come in many shapes and forms. Sometimes small and focused on a niche market, other times they span multiple markets and PR disciplines. One PR campaign aspect we are increasingly seeing is pop-ups. Whether it is product focused, a experiential marketing exercise, often brands look to pop-ups to engage with customers.

Being based in London, we feel that we are at the heart of pop-up central with new ones quite literally popping-up everywhere! …

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Trust your Business Intuition, it’s Based on Fact


Here’s a story about business intuition, a first-hand account from Cherish PR. “I had my worst business experience ever when I was 22. Six months into my first job in PR and I was let loose on a client case study. I had my script, my questions, I’d arranged a time to call the client and was ready with pen (yes, a pen) in hand.

I called, he answered and I began. Question 1 went …

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