13 March 2017 Business PR Musings

Tips and Tricks to PR Internships Abroad

I can’t recall the reason but completing a PR internship abroad in London has been in my plans for as long as I can remember.  I figured what better place to get great PR experience than London?  I didn’t know what to expect for my first ever Skype interview with the Director of Cherish, but once I got through that and received the offer, I was thrilled.  I had no idea what was waiting for me but after being here for a few months I’ve gathered some tips and tricks for successfully completing my PR internship and a great start to my career in PR. Here are a few things I’ve picked up:

  1. Learn the media landscape

In order to be successful at any PR firm, it’s important to know what types of clients you have and who you have to talk to in order to get them the best coverage.  One of the hardest parts about interning abroad is realising you don’t know half of the publications in the country because you’re unfamiliar with them.  The best way to do this is by learning what sectors are covered anytime a new magazine or newspaper is brought to your attention.

  1. Adjust to language barriers—even when you speak the same language!

Shockingly, even if you intern in a country that speaks your native language, there can still be a language barrier.  The smallest words and phrases can throw you off when you first hear them referred to by a different name. But the best way to solve this problem is simply by asking questions. If someone says an unfamiliar word just ask what they mean by that!

I remember in my first week one of my co-workers said to me “enter a full stop there” and I just looked at her so confused as to what she meant.  Thinking I misheard her I asked her to repeat herself but I was still so unsure of what “full stop” meant that she had to push the “.” Button – I looked at her and said “Ah ok, a period??” Yet she had never heard it called that! So while it took a few tries to figure out, we finally and successfully posted a tweet.

  1. Say yes

The best way to learn, in any profession, is by saying yes to all sorts of tasks.  Even the mundane tasks given to you, it’s a great way to expand your skill set and will most likely teach you new things!  You never know what saying yes to will lead you to discover. You may find that you’re extremely good at certain tasks while not great at others.  The only way to find out is by giving it a go.

I’ve learned so much being here at Cherish during my PR internship and I think I’ve learned even more than I could have at home because I’m in London.  Our office has members from all over the world and they are all able to give new and different perspectives to each task which is incredible for someone still learning the ins and outs of PR.  I’m so glad I joined this team and I’ll be sad to finish my internship in April, and I am so grateful to have learned so much that I will take with me throughout my career.

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