13 June 2017 Business News in Brief PR Musings

Introducing our over there Network PR Partner in Germany

Earlier this year, Cherish launched its very own international agency network, Over There, to bring together the brightest boutique PR agencies from across Europe and beyond, into one easy-to-manage PR network.

We’re proud to be working alongside network co-founder, HotDot in Berlin. We asked MD Anja Weinhold to tell us more about her agency.


1. Tell me about HotDot in one paragraph?

HotDot is a boutique PR agency based in Berlin, where our senior team of consultants specialise in the digital industry. We pride ourselves on the ability to flex between industry demands and clients’ needs – providing quality services.

2. Who are your clients?

Most of our clients are foreign based digital companies. We’re proud to work with some of the top industry brands such as Deliveroo, Pinterest, Trainline and TransferWise.

3. How long have you been in PR?

I started in PR in 1996 and founded HotDot in late 2008, after working in various PR roles in-house and agencies in Germany and abroad.

4. What is important for good PR in Germany?

So many things! Where should I start? First, like any market, Germany has its own distinct culture. Therefore, what might work well elsewhere, may be ineffective here. The market is very factual and data driven. We don’t like superlatives, so if you’re claiming something, we want to see proof. Also, we have a strong affinity towards the underdog instead of the loudest kid in town.

It’s important to note that we are huge sceptics and new things are often met with suspicion. When working in the German market, be clear on your objectives, know the media, tailor your approach and give the PR some time to work its magic.

5. What advice would you give any brand wanting to build their profile in this market?

Get support from a strong local team – either in-house or a service provider – and agree on objectives. Trust local expertise for the approach and execution, however, don’t be shy to challenge it, if necessary. Don’t forget to communicate regularly.

6. Favourite place in Berlin?

It’s Berlin as a whole! One of my favourite coffee place spots is actually Fräulein Dickes, which has the best cake in town and close by our office.

7. Favourite time of the day in your city?

I love the morning as the city is waking up.

8. Motto or saying that keeps you going?

Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.


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