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We live in a digital age and in order to succeed it’s crucial that PR works hand-in-hand with SEO. Most of us consume and share content online whilst on the go, therefore, we need to ensure that any content placed online is easily found on Google and other search engines.

Here are a few benefits of integrating SEO with PR:

Quality content is key to success

Focus on creating content that is unique and relevant …

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Here are our top 3 from 2016

PR stunts are designed to raise eyebrows. Despite the great work out there, there’s no real formula (apart from the sheer creativity) for what makes a stunt work. It could be a simple idea, an activity planned for months or a smart and spontaneous response to world news or events. There’s no limit to the lengths that creative teams will go to create a positive buzz for their …

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New Year, New PR Team – A Kick-Start to 2017!


This is the season for change and you might be thinking about a new marketing or PR team or approach for the New Year. It’s no secret that an effective PR campaign can work towards building your company profile, getting you noticed by investors, potential customers and beyond. However, choosing the right PR team for your business can feel overwhelming.

Whether you want to grow your social media channels or see your company in the …

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The big question: Can you afford start-up PR?


It’s no secret entrepreneurs and startups need to do more with less. Budgets are almost always tight and PR can often be seen as an unnecessary luxury. However, with a few DIY strategies and tricks of the trade, even the smallest budget can deliver great startup PR.

No Budget – The same DIY spirit that got your startup going can be applied to just about anything, including PR. Not being ready to allocate budget doesn’t…

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Award Winning: How Awards Can Build A Startup Brand


We all know that getting a startup brand off the ground can be time consuming and at times, can feel like an up-hill battle. The last thing you may think about is putting your fledgling business forward for an award. However even at this early stage, the rewards of being shortlisted or winning an award can be numerous, so here’s why you should go for it:

Free marketing – Awards from organisations such as …

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Can PR help you raise your startup profile? Yes, it can!



Let’s face it, unless your one of the rare few startups that the world plucks from obscurity and begins talking excitedly about, you’ll need to work hard to build your profile.

Luckily, there are a number of ways you can get your startup on the right people’s lips, starting with a hard-working PR campaign. Here are some of the benefits of good PR:

Users – PR can help raise your profile by introducing your …

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Top Tips: How to Get Startup PR Value on a Budget


Effective startup PR is like a pair of shoes, one size definitely does not fit all. Whilst you may want the world to know about your new product or service, the reality is that you will have a finite budget with which to work and that will dictate the size and scale of your campaign. A smaller budget, however, doesn’t have lower quality. Here’s how to get startup PR value on a budget.

A targeted …

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PR Tactics: Startup PR Creative Campaigns


Let’s say you have successfully launched your startup. Things are going well but you feel like not many people know about you. You have heard that PR could help but you are not sure because you’re not new. Is there anything to PR? This is where startup PR creative campaigns come in.

The good news is that PR can help. A good PR doesn’t just pitch news, he or she knows how to make  it. …

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Start-up Media Relations – Where do I begin?


If you are a startup then you’ve probably asked yourself this, “How can I get media as excited about my product as I am?” Getting the media to cover your business can be quite a challenging task, particularly because large business occupies most of the media space, but there’s a couple of tips and tricks to grabbing journalists’ attention and keeping it. Here are our top tips for start-up media relations:

Timing is everything

Pitching …

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How To Guide: Securing Techcrunch Startup Tech PR


It’s safe to assume that every startup worth their salt wants their moment of glory in Techcrunch and it’s easy to understand why. With a monthly reach of 29 million of the world’s digital thinkers, it offers unrivalled exposure to the tech and investor community. Here we share our guide to securing Techcrunch startup tech PR.

What’s the deal? 

Yes, being featured in top industry publication will get your startup or small business invaluable exposure, …

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