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TechDay London 2017: Five startups to watch

At Cherish HQ we love a tech startup, so it was a no brainer for the team to attend TechDay London recently. TechDay attracts some of the most exciting tech startups from across the UK and Europe, as well as investors, accelerators, journalists and tech enthusiasts alike.
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It was a fantastic opportunity to explore some of the newest talent dominating the tech space. Startups from a huge variety of sectors were exhibiting, including medicine, retail, mobile, fitness, food, marketing, finance, housing, automotive, security… the list goes on.

It certainly wasn’t an easy task to narrow down the list of 225 impressive tech startups showcasing their ideas, but here are our top five picks from the day.

  1. The high-street charity shop on your doorstep – Thrift+

Every year high street charity shops raise £200m for good causes and divert 300 million kilos of textiles from landfill sites. But with the high-street on decline and web and app based stores rapidly on the rise, how can charity shops meet the demands of the mobile-first digital shopper? Cue Thrift+.

Thrift+ is a new, on-demand app that allows you to donate your unwanted clothes without having to leave the comfort of your home. This clever tech may just be the thing to keep beloved charity shops alive through a time of hardship on the high-street, so get rooting around your exploding wardrobe and get donating!

  1. Music to my ears – Quobuz Streaming  

Music streaming is an incredibly competitive industry, with the big players – such as Spotify, Apple Music and the Jay Z owned platform, Tidal, dominating the market.

To combat this, French start-up Quobuz is approaching streaming a little differently, by creating its own niche and directly appealing to those who love music best. How do they do this? With quality. Quobuz is the first music service in the world to offer 24-Bit Hi-Res files for streaming, also known as studio quality. Thanks to this technology all your favourite tunes will sound bigger and better.

Finally, a streaming service for the dedicated music geek – put your vinyl away guys and get your high end, top of range headphones out.

  1. Drumroll please…  Filmstro Soundtrack Creation Studio

Tech startup Filmstro is a new, easy to use audio-editing tool. Created with film-makers in mind, it is aimed at those who don’t have the skills to compose and record a soundtrack themselves. It also offers an affordable alternative to the cost of music rights for film-makers, as having Adele blasting out Hometown Glory over film footage costs a pretty penny.

Filmstro allows creatives to easily customise musical themes to match their produced footage. It effectively combines the speed and affordability of library music but with the bespoke qualities of a purpose-composed score.

It is the perfect tool for not only student and amateur film makers, but also advertisers, bloggers and broadcasters.

  1. The secrets of the Urban Jungle in your pocket – Kompas

Kompas started its life as an instagram account following the adventures of two young travellers scouting out the underground culture in Munich. It was a quick hit and with popularity rapidly growing, it developed into a much grander idea; a city exploration app helping people discover the amazing adventures hidden in the world’s most exciting cities.

Kompas uses clever artificial intelligence and the unbeatable insider knowledge of its founding team to help users uncover the astonishing places hidden in cities, and tailors trips to suit interest, budget, mood and free time.

This is a go-to app for any wanderlust travellers looking to uncover hidden gems.            

  1. Get crafty for Beer’o’clockMinibrew

At Cherish, we love a gadget and this one got us thirsty for more!

Craft beer has a cult-like following which has been growing rapidly over the past few years, as more micro-breweries, beer festivals and specialists shops popping up. Now, thanks to some clever Dutch technology, you can even have a beer making robot in your home.

Minibrew is a fully automatic kitchen-top, home-brewing system that you allows you to monitor the beer-making process on an app on your phone. You order the ingredients for your choice of beer through the app and in just 3.5 hours you have 5 litres of home-brewed beer to drink at home, or even take to a party as the keg is portable.

Now that is how you impress your craft-beer loving mates!

Written by Sara French, Cherish PR

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