5 May 2017 Business News in Brief PR Musings

Cherish PR expands consumer technology team with latest recruit

Spring has been a busy time in the Cherish office. Product launches, campaign kick-offs and most recently we have had a new member of the consumer technology team join us. With over six years’ experience in the bag, working with the technology sector, Holly Forrest brings a wealth of knowledge to the team.

Having previously worked with household brands, including EE and Avast, Holly’s experience is varied. After beginning her career in the security sector, she then worked on global campaigns, launched US start-ups in the UK market, raised business profiles in preparation for funding rounds and handled C-level exec event programs. Working with national, TV, radio and trade media, Holly also has a real breadth of great media contacts that she brings to the Cherish portfolio.

As part of joining the team, we decided to put her in the spotlight…Holly Forrest

Q: What is your favourite part of being a PR consultant?

A: For me, it has to be building relationships – whether that is with the media or clients – which I think is particularly important considering I am a communications professional. The art of conversation certainly isn’t dead in this digital world!

Q: Let’s flip it to the other side of the coin, what is the worst part of being a PR consultant?

A: Your brain is always switched on to thinking about ideas for stories/angles. I totally appreciate how that sounds but it is true! Maybe it is just how my brain works but I tend to come up with ideas at the most random of times. Even when I am on holiday in some faraway country sat by the pool, ideas will still pop into my mind.

Q: Crunch time – what has been your career highlight so far?

A: Well the opportunity to travel with my job is certainly a highlight! I have been lucky enough to travel within Europe and the US with work. We have technology such as Skype which can connect us with anyone in the world at the touch of a button, but meeting people in person or attend an event to soak up the atmosphere is awesome.

Q: Grill time – what do you feel is the biggest challenge facing consumer technology industry?

A: Right now there is a big buzz around the connected home which has been building over recent years. The concept of the connected home will totally transform how we go about our daily lives and is pretty exciting. That said, as the number of devices grow the industry becomes more crowded. What we are seeing is that companies are focusing on functionality of devices, making sure they perform the best job they can for the consumer, in order successfully break away from the noise.

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