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A look at SEO strategy from a media perspective


So far we have looked at how SEO strategy impacts businesses and PR professionals, and now we look how it impacts the media.…

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A look at SEO services from a business perspective


Three letters – SEO – doesn’t seem that significant individually, yet has had a significant role in transforming the marketing, PR and media landscape over recent years. Depending on who you ask, there will be a range of reactions towards SEO, from ultimate fans to wary skeptics. What was once seen as a quick and dirty method within the business marketing mix thanks to the process of placing links all over the web, the process …

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New Year, New PR Team – A Kick-Start to 2017!


This is the season for change and you might be thinking about a new marketing or PR team or approach for the New Year. It’s no secret that an effective PR campaign can work towards building your company profile, getting you noticed by investors, potential customers and beyond. However, choosing the right PR team for your business can feel overwhelming.

Whether you want to grow your social media channels or see your company in the …

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Can PR help you raise your startup profile? Yes, it can!



Let’s face it, unless your one of the rare few startups that the world plucks from obscurity and begins talking excitedly about, you’ll need to work hard to build your profile.

Luckily, there are a number of ways you can get your startup on the right people’s lips, starting with a hard-working PR campaign. Here are some of the benefits of good PR:

Users – PR can help raise your profile by introducing your …

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How To Guide: Securing Techcrunch Startup Tech PR


It’s safe to assume that every startup worth their salt wants their moment of glory in Techcrunch and it’s easy to understand why. With a monthly reach of 29 million of the world’s digital thinkers, it offers unrivalled exposure to the tech and investor community. Here we share our guide to securing Techcrunch startup tech PR.

What’s the deal? 

Yes, being featured in top industry publication will get your startup or small business invaluable exposure, …

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It’s August, the month when most people are dreaming of swimming pools and sunsets. If you’re heading off for some R&R this month, check out the latest super cool, smart tech before you travel.

Before you pack your bags make sure you take a look at BlueSmart, a piece of hand luggage that you can control from an app, receive smart alerts and track all your travel data to get insights about your travel habits.…

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PR Tactics: Brand Management – Going Back to Basics for AI


We’ve all read those potentially scary articles about the latest artificial intelligence developments, perpetuating the belief that humans will be destroyed by intelligent Terminator style robots or Dalek hoardes. This sounds like a case for some good brand management, and perhaps now is the time to take it back to basics for the latest technology superstar.

From a communications perspective, AI needs good PR.  There needs to be a much greater focus on clarifying what …

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Top Tips: Social Media Management


The good thing about social media is that brands have a chance to directly communicate with potential customers. The bad thing about social media is that brands have a chance to directly communicate with potential customers. Therefore good social media management is vital for businesses.

Sound strange? Think about it. As brand guardians, we may clap our hands with glee at lovely public comments about how awesome our products are, but brows will furrow when …

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Brand Social Media: What’s the Impact of Facebook Live?


In April, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company would extend its ‘Live’ streaming feature from verified users like celebrities, brands and media, to the public. In this blog we ask what’s the impact of Facebook Live on brand social media strategies?

Whilst the popularity of ‘real time’ platforms like Snapchat and Twitter continue to grow, Facebook was facing a 21% decrease in original broadcast sharing and with new live streaming video platforms like …

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Top Vlog Hacks: To Vlog or Blog?


We recently revamped our blog and our shiny new look got us thinking about whether we should start our very own vlog. “Video is the way forward,” cried the tech team! “Creative writing is a skill” cried the consumer team. The truth is that both have a place but it’s a good debate so we thought we’d dig in, here are our top vlog hacks!

A few factors come into play when thinking about which …

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