10 January 2020 Brexit Business Digital Tech Trends

2020 will be a new start for UK business as innovation focuses on a sustainable future

2020 is going to be a very different year for the UK. Fresh out of Europe, the UK will be negotiating and entering new trade deals with the world. We’ll be establishing a fresh identity and looking forward to a summer of football as we host several matches in the European Championships. Could we see 2020 as a year when we finally refresh that national pride that’s been missing since the summer of 2012?

From a business point of view, we expect to see significant changes in the corporate world, beginning at Davos later this month as global economic leaders come together to discuss how countries and corporations can become stakeholders for a more cohesive and sustainable world. The corporate, social collective and individual responsibility for our world, our behaviour, our consumption and our waste will dominate the global agenda and pressure will be placed on countries and companies to “do better”.

From speaking to the CEOs of our clients and network, everyone is rethinking their corporate goals, placing greater importance on well being, diversity, environmental impact, regeneration. Yes, growth and expansion, but not at any cost. It’s a more considered corporate environment as we enter the new decade.

As specialists in PR for innovation, disruption and change, we are excited at the potential that our work can achieve in moving the conversation forward, helping our clients change and evolve as stakeholders in that sustainable future. Technology will play an enormous role and we’re looking forward to witnessing the ideas, evolution and development of technology that will drive the adoption of more sustainable practices.

Here’s to an exciting new year and new decade ahead.

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