11 May 2022 Business Digital General News News in Brief

Ready for change? Ready for a rebrand

If PR was to continue breaking through the noisy digital marketplace, it had to change. A series of disruptive and unique techniques saw a sharp pivot within the industry to provide the kind of elevation brands were looking for. Multichannel approaches such as content sharing, influencer campaigns and SEO strategies mean the landscape is almost unrecognisable compared with just a decade ago.

Throughout the last 19 years, Cherish PR has seen first-hand the impact of each step towards digitalisation. Our new website is a reflection of the current fast-paced landscape we now operate in and gives an insight into the exciting and innovative journey we create for each client. But despite the frenetic nature of PR, there are certain constants which remain at Cherish’s core. The most important is the art of compelling storytelling because crafting persuasive and cohesive narratives is the skill which gives PR its raison d’etre and remains fundamental if a brand is to communicate in a relatable way. This is more important than ever before given brands are now expected to showcase their values and demonstrate why each is important.

Increasingly, the innovators and game-changers we’re working with are focused on the growing climate emergency. From ocean energy, battery technology, vertical farming, sustainable search, innovation investment is focusing on how we solve the world’s biggest and most pressing problems. Last year, Cherish PR joined The Wilful Group, a new taskforce agency group that brought together communications and branding agencies and marketing experts to support the world’s most innovative businesses focused on positive change.

At Cherish PR, we are proud to have told the extraordinary stories of many brands which have spanned different industry sectors such as eHarmony, Jeyes Fluid, Dylon and Airtasker, while remaining agile with a multi-layered PR strategy. In lockdown 2020, we delved deep into our resourcefulness and pivoted on the spot to create a new campaign for Jeyes called the ‘Great British Garden Spruce Up‘. Obviously during the first lockdown, the media was operating faster than ever but Cherish still managed to achieve significant cut-through with our multi-channel approach including social media, broadcast and Press.

Whether a start-up is looking to launch a social media campaign or an established brand is planning to host a large-scale event, there are obviously now many different ways to tell a story which extend far beyond a traditional press release distributed to the print media. We start by understanding a client’s commercial goals, identify the opportunities and address any challenges along the way until the right story has been told in the right way. Over the last two decades, we’ve discovered success involves a mix of all this as well as intuition, initiative, a sprinkle of entrepreneurialism, dogged determination, pots of coffee and the odd chocolate biccie… or three.


We are always looking for passionate new team members to join The Wilful Group. If that’s you, email us at info@cherishpr.com.

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