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Occasionally, we like to show examples of how our PR works and we’re particularly proud to run the UK PR for tech companies like Airtasker. As a dynamic UK market entrant, this Australian tech giant enables British people to earn money from their skills, through flexible working or outside of “the day job”. Often referred to as the gig economy or side hustles, these one-off jobs have never been more important as the cost of living rises and the pressure on household income increases.

That’s why earlier this year, we decided to focus our PR strategy on the cost of living, positioning Airtasker as driving the “Side Hustle” trend, enabling entrepreneurial Britons to tackle rising costs by earning extra cash from their skills and spare time.

We started by finding the most in-demand skills on Airtasker, calculating how much people with these skills could earn by doing these tasks via the platform. The great thing about skills is that they can be applied throughout the year, from dressmaking at Halloween to building paddling pools during our baking British summer. We found brilliant taskers to illustrate our stories and they told us how they were earning thousands by building flat pack furniture or pressure washing driveways!

With every inflation increase, we took our stories to news media, and over the past six months, in line with the rising cost of living, our PR has positioned Airtasker as the leading player in the side hustle opportunity. When Airtasker’s CEO visited the UK in June 2022, we used this to introduce him to Britain’s leading news media, securing interviews with the BBC and a feature on the ITV Tonight programme.

Our PR services have driven tremendous results for Airtasker in the UK. In the twelve hours after the ITV Tonight programme was broadcast, Airtasker receive 8x its normal daily sign-ups, resulting in over $88K worth of business from this PR placement in 12 hours alone.

Here are a few of the placements we secured during the Cost of Living Campaign: BBC News, BBC World Service, BBC Online CEO Secrets, ITV Tonight, The Sun, Daily Express, Fortune, MSN, Yahoo Finance, Money Magpie, Metro, Daily Mirror, Motley Fool and The Financial Times.


Our PR campaign is continuing and evolving as the news rolls on.

An Airtasker at work earning extra cash with their new side hustle supported by UK PR firm Cherish PR

To get in contact with our team, please email us at info@cherishpr.com.

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