Awareness General News Trends


What are the PR trends for 2022? Our PR professionals have put their heads together and co...

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Digital Influencer Social Media Trends


Cherish PR’s 5 Top Tips for using TikTok in a PR campaign No other platform has seen the...

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Client News General News

Food, design and storage but always disruption for this London PR agency

We’re more than two months into 2020 and it’s been a disruptive start to the y...

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Awareness Digital Trends

#RaidArea51 is digital PR in progress

RaidArea51 has all the makings of a perfect digital PR campaign. Tomorrow (20th September ...

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Consumer Affairs Media Musings Tech

Brand Strategy – Apple set to take larger slice of streaming market

Brits love nothing more than a good boxset and chill. In recent years the popularity of ni...

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PR Musings Tech

Quantified Self: Tracking with Personal Technology

Do you use an app that tracks how many steps you take in a day? Tracks your workouts? Your...

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Client News Media Musings PR Musings

How to Secure a Front Cover Story

If you picked up a copy of last weekend’s Saturday Telegraph Magazine, you couldn’t ha...

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Business Digital SEO

A look at SEO services from a business perspective

Three letters – SEO – doesn’t seem that significant individually, yet has had a sign...

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Business Consumer Affairs

Stunts are dead. Long live PR Stunts!

Here are our top 3 from 2016 PR stunts are designed to raise eyebrows. Despite the great w...

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IFA Consumer Tech Show, What to Expect

IFA, one of the world’s largest and oldest consumer tech shows, begins this week in Berl...

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Digital Media Musings Trends

Vice: A media company perfectly shaped for the future?

Forget the Royal visit; New York is still reeling from Friday night’s 20th birthday part...

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Consumer Affairs Media Musings

Industry Insight: The end of print publishing

Does the start of 2013 mark the beginning of the end of the traditional newspaper? The la...

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