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Brand Strategy – Apple set to take larger slice of streaming market

Brits love nothing more than a good boxset and chill. In recent years the popularity of nights in watching must-see shows such as Game of Thrones has increased as the new going out is staying in. Streaming giants such as Netflix and Amazon Prime TV have previously dominated the space but is there set to be a new kid on the block? Apple is set to switch brand strategy to take a larger slice of the streaming market.

Famous for out of this world launch events, and who can forget the classic iPod, rumour has it that Apple has been developing a robust TV streaming service. Known historically as a place where you can buy albums and songs, download it onto your iPhone or iPod, Apple has been working away over recent years to build up its streaming capabilities as part of its brand strategy. First came Apple Music, a competitor for Spotify with its curated playlists and unlimited downloads. But Apple’s TV and movie offering has stayed in the past, with a simple model of buy and rent, rather than providing any on-demand streaming options.

Can Apple beat the big players of the media streaming industry? Netflix has had success previously with creating film and TV exclusives, merging the line between streaming provider and network/production house. With big-name collaborations in the rumour pipeline with Reece Witherspoon and Steven Spielberg, it looks as if Apple is going to take a bite out of the streaming market using well respected industry talent, hoping the crowds follow them.

If rumours are true there’s no doubt that people across the world will continue to endlessly scroll through series and films to decide what to watch on a daily basis, whether that will be via Apple or another player in the streaming world, who knows – only time will tell.

By Emma Lynch, Cherish PR


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