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Cherish PR: Our Lifestyle Trend Predictions for 2018


In the past two months, we’ve explained some of the biggest trends to emerge from 2017 in tech, and we’ve also outlined our favourite stories to come out of the Consumer Electronics Show. But we’ve got our finger on the lifestyle trend pulse too! As PR professionals, it’s a part of our job to know what everyone is going to be talking about, before they start talking about it.

With the term ‘lifestyle’ defining so …

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CES 2018 Round-up: Consumer Technology Takes Over


Bendy TVs. Personal assistants. Self-driving electric cars. The world’s thinnest laptop. And a blackout – cue Oreo – must mean only one thing, CES 2018 – one of the world’s biggest consumer technology shows.

CES 2018 was a bumper of a year and the Cherish PR team loved reading about the new consumer technology at this year’s event, so we’ve compiled our favourite stories from #CES2018.

Holly: “For me, my CES highlight has to be …

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The Digital Skills Gap: A postcode lottery?


Digital skills is currently a hot topic in the UK. The news agenda has been filled with a variety of views and reports, especially from Chancellor Philip Hammond’s autumn budget statement. According to research from Rural England and Scotland’s Rural College – commissioned by Amazon – around 80% of rural firms said they see online tools as key to their future growth prospects, but more than half complained of a lack of digitally-savvy staff and …

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TechDay London 2017: Five startups to watch


At Cherish HQ we love a tech startup, so it was a no brainer for the team to attend TechDay London recently. TechDay attracts some of the most exciting tech startups from across the UK and Europe, as well as investors, accelerators, journalists and tech enthusiasts alike.

It was a fantastic opportunity to explore some of the newest talent dominating the tech space. Startups from a huge variety of sectors were exhibiting, including medicine, retail, …

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The Importance of Events PR in Today’s Landscape


Events PR is a notoriously fast paced business, and new technologies have only pushed it to move even faster. It’s no secret that almost the entire trade has migrated online. Gone are the days of long lunches with journalists. We sometimes spend entire days in email, phone and Twitter conversation instead. With constant and instantaneous methods of communication at our disposal, it’s reasonable to wonder if there’s any need for in person communication at all. …

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Brits go Crazy for Latest Wellness Trend


Turmeric lattes have been a staple menu item at most wholesome, healthy and (it has to be said) trendy cafes for some time now. Both earthy in taste and brimming with health benefits, the wellness-conscious among us have been swishing back the ‘golden milk’ with aplomb.

But with news this week that global, beverage giant Starbucks has jumped on the golden bandwagon, debuting turmeric lattes on the menu of 200 stores across the country, it …

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Here are our top 3 from 2016

PR stunts are designed to raise eyebrows. Despite the great work out there, there’s no real formula (apart from the sheer creativity) for what makes a stunt work. It could be a simple idea, an activity planned for months or a smart and spontaneous response to world news or events. There’s no limit to the lengths that creative teams will go to create a positive buzz for their …

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas retail sales


It should start on 24th December but over the past decade, we have all witnessed the onset of Christmas “creep”, driven by retailers airing their feel-good seasonal ads – all with a focus to drive the coveted Christmas retail sales. It’s been 10 years since John Lewis began their tear-jerking, heart-wrenching, budget-smashing 60 second mini-movies. This year’s Buster the Boxer launched on 10th November, a full six weeks before store doors close for the “official” …

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Brand Social Media: What’s the Impact of Facebook Live?


In April, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company would extend its ‘Live’ streaming feature from verified users like celebrities, brands and media, to the public. In this blog we ask what’s the impact of Facebook Live on brand social media strategies?

Whilst the popularity of ‘real time’ platforms like Snapchat and Twitter continue to grow, Facebook was facing a 21% decrease in original broadcast sharing and with new live streaming video platforms like …

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What Virtual Reality Tech Means for PR


If you’ve watched TV ads recently, it’s likely that you’ve seen the slick new brand ad for Samsung, complete with Virtual Reality capabilities on Oculus Rift. Virtual Reality is heading mainstream, giving marketers limitless opportunities to immerse consumers in the world of their brand. From watching a concert, climbing a mountain, riding a motorbike or roller coaster, consumers can now “live” the aspirational world of your brand, heightening excitement and emotional response.

Brands such as …

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