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For over a decade, Cherish PR has worked with Rakuten Kobo Inc, the Canadian company that sells eBooks, audiobooks, eReaders and tablet computers. We launched the Toronto based company into the UK back in 2011, promoting its first eReaders the Kobo Touch and Wi Fi, along with its WHSmith partnership.

Last month, we launched Kobo’s newest addition, the Kobo Clara 2E eReader, securing over 40 pieces of coverage within the first month including the Daily Express, Independent, Mashable, Stuff and Pocket-lint, to name just a few.

We have a history of securing high profile coverage for product launches, grabbing the headlines for new tech products; from in-home fitness, to smart watches, tablets and phones. Often with short timeframes, we quickly distil the brief to make sure our partner’s go to market plans and product launches have a successful landing.

If you’re looking to launch a new product into the UK, here are a few insights to help your PR:

1. Briefing your PR agency

Many companies we work with are challenger brands who change the way we live, work and play. Kobo has both physical and digital products, making reading easy, customisable and enjoyable.

Discuss with your agency your main objectives and the right approach. For example, work may need to be done before launching the physical products – we call this a soft launch. This might be a market entry story with business media, which will help educate people about the brand before products hit the shelves. Perhaps the PR agency needs to do an audit of your app / platform ahead of media getting hold of it. Your agency should help guide you.

2. Is your product solving a problem?

Brexit, the pandemic and now the cost-of-living crisis – media are covering the major issues impacting their readers so with the current economic climate, how is your product going to fit into the news agenda?

Is your product solving a problem, especially when it comes at a cost? Work with your agency to find the right position and narrative. Using Kobo as an example, eBooks are often more affordable than paper books and make it easier to reach new audiences as a self-publisher, writing and selling your own book is an alternative source of income, never available before the existence of eReading.

3. Think twice about press events

With hybrid working becoming the new norm, think twice about press events. While media still have an appetite to get out from behind their desks, many journalists are now holding multiple roles following many media houses shutting down and making jobs cuts.

More media work from home and live outside of London so if it’s a UK / global first, then a press event / briefing may be the right approach. However, reviews and interviews under embargo may get you the same cut through and shave thousands of pounds from your budgets. There are many tactics to consider other than stunts and big press events.

4. UK vs international founders

The product needs to be the star of the show but there are alternative routes to publicity. It is possible for International CEOs and Founders to get profiled in UK media which helps to build brand awareness, share of voice and sell products.

With the UK landscape being so competitive, national papers may favour UK business founders but if you can show the company’s investment into the UK market and an interesting benefit, editors open to hearing your pitch. While many companies don’t like to share revenue or the total investment, there are ways around this. Ask your agency for examples of how they have secured c-suite interviews and solutions.

5. Getting your product into the hands of media

Tech journalists should be the first to review a product which lays the foundation ahead of targeting other media. To get your product into the hands of the most revered internationally tech media, ask your agency for examples of their contacts.

Having these journalists give their seal of approval will help give your product the credibility to build trust with consumers, approach retailers, partnerships and investors, along with help drive your SEO.


If you’re looking to launch into the UK and would like to hear more about how UK comms firm Cherish PR could help, contact info@cherishpr.com.

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