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What is media relations? It might sound like an obvious question to ask, but the variety of answers you will get from PR professionals is rather surprising.

At its core, media relations includes planning, management and engagement with journalists on behalf of a business or individual. The outcome is press coverage that shares a message or helps to secure an outcome for an organisation or person.

Media relations is all about creating and nurturing relationships with the key journalists – and we are experts on at that. Our media relations team works daily with national, consumer and broadcast media to deliver exceptional results for our clients on a daily basis.

How can media relations benefit your brand? Good media relations will increase your brand awareness, reputation and sales. A successful media relations campaign will communicate your mission, vision and values in a subtle way that paid advertising simply can’t achieve.

Imagine what hundreds of media stories could do?

We at Cherish PR have years of experience in media relations and will always make sure the PR strategies we create get the deliver the coverage your brand and business deserves.