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Flower Power: The RHS Chelsea Flower Show Trend Guide

That time of year has once again arrived where thousands of visitors descend on a blooming part of London to see some of the world’s most talented gardeners’ showcase their work. The RHS Royal Chelsea Flower Show has started in spectacular style, and in tradition was opened by a visit from The Queen. In our latest blog we share our top trend guide to see at the horticultural show of the year.

Hiller: A Royal Celebration

Royal Fever:

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show continues Royal wedding celebrations from the weekend visitors will see is Sarah Eberle’s Royal Celebration design for Hiller Nurseries which combines wedding white florals with royal purple hues. Keep an eye out for the amusingly named plants such as Tiara and Regal Splendour – perfect for adding a touch of glamour to your green space!

LG Eco-City Garden

Tech in Bloom:

There’s something for everyone at this year’s show with forward thinking technology in the LG Eco-City garden designed by Hay-Joung Hwang. More than buds and petals, the garden addresses the modern issue of living in a concrete jungle and attempts to solve the detrimental effects of city dwelling, creating a better environment for both nature and humans. With benefits including reducing pollution, generating oxygen, controlling humidity, moderating temperature and generating habitats for diminishing pollinators – we call this the garden of the future.

Silentpool Garden

Green ‘Gin’ Fingered:

The ever growing British obsession for all things gin sees three gardens grown by distilleries Warner Edwards, Seedlip and Silent Pool; all using plants that reflect the infusions of their gins. The Seedlip garden has been designed for the second year running by Dr Catherine MacDonald, who won gold in 2017 for her highly acclaimed artisan design.

Cherish had a gin tasting course as part of the last Christmas party, so these gardens will go down well with the team!

Drawing of Embroidered Minds

Life in Display:

Showing a more delicate side between garden design, art and humans, William Morris’ organic designs are featured in Kati Crome’s Embroidered Minds garden design. The overall garden concept represents the stages of an epileptic seizure, a condition that affected Morris’s daughter. Crome has used plants in the pre-seizure area from Morris’s designs to create a calming green and white part to the garden. This is a beautiful garden which conveys emotions and storytelling in an outstanding way.

RHS Feel Good Garden

Nurturing Mind, Body and Soul:

The RHS Feel Good Garden has been created by Matt Keightley to raise awareness of gardening’s positive impact upon mental health and is being gifted to the Camden and Islington NHS for patients and staff to mark the NHS’s 70th birthday. Other garden designs that are raising awareness for less well known medical conditions include The CHERUB HIV garden: A Life without Walls, Skin Deep and The Myeloma UK Garden all of which contain unique features to engage visitors with their causes.

More than a few blooms…

Our trend guide for the RHS Chelsea Flower Show highlights the importance of horticulture in art, design and modern society. Taking visitors on journeys, sharing important causes and acting as conversation starters.  It is fabulous and inspiring to see such visual displays of creativity, something we feel particularly passionate about here at Cherish PR!

Written by Emma Lynch, Cherish PR

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