22 January 2018 Consumer Affairs Tech

CES 2018 Round-up: Consumer Technology Takes Over

Bendy TVs. Personal assistants. Self-driving electric cars. The world’s thinnest laptop. And a blackout – cue Oreo – must mean only one thing, CES 2018 – one of the world’s biggest consumer technology shows.

CES 2018 was a bumper of a year and the Cherish PR team loved reading about the new consumer technology at this year’s event, so we’ve compiled our favourite stories from #CES2018.

Holly: “For me, my CES highlight has to be the Vivo phone in-screen fingerprint scanner. It is really interesting to see the development of fingerprint scanning technology over the past few years. The rise of fingerprint scanning will continue, and no doubt in the near future consumer technology implementation would have advanced to people buying goods in a shop at the touch of a fingerprint rather than with cash, card or contactless.”

Sara: “My highlight has to be the Short Story Edition project, which the French founders are planning on rolling out across the UK in 2018. The machines, which can be found at train stations and university campuses in France, dispense stories at the push of a button. You can choose a one, three or five minute read for a moment of escapism. The stories are issued at random from a database of thousands; some will feature excerpts from classic literature, and others will include work from contemporary writers. Short Story Edition is bringing literature to unexpected places, helping commuters and students look away from their phones and devices to engage with the printed page, stories and their imaginations.”

Jordan: “My CES highlight was My Special Aflac Duck. Insurance company Aflac and a company called Sproutel teamed up to build an educational and therapeutic robot duck designed to comfort children with cancer. Its interactive technology and augmented reality app allows children to “give” the duck chemotherapy as they’re undergoing treatment themselves. The medical play helps kids cope with their own treatment. It was really nice to see something come out of CES that wasn’t just the hottest new TV or phone to buy.”

Richa: “As consumer technology continues to seep its way into the household space, my CES highlight is French furniture retailer Miliboo’s smart couch. Not only does it charge your handset or tablet wirelessly, it also keeps track of how long you’ve been sitting in front of the TV while monitoring your posture. As such innovations slowly start making the concept of a fully-connected smart home a reality, it’s definitely exciting to get a glimpse of what’s expected to come in the near future!”

CES really never fails to disappoint. The team at Cherish PR can’t wait to see what the rest of 2018 has in-store, who knows that the next consumer technology innovation will be!

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