27 October 2021 Awards General News

We’re a Platinum Winner!

We’re celebrating today as our work has been recognised in the US MarCom Awards, receiving a Platinum Award in two different categories, Strategic Communications/Public Relations and Pro Bono. What makes these awards even more important, is that our work was to support the global fight against Covid-19, making Vitamin D available to vulnerable Britons

In 2020, we set out to support a group of scientists with their mission to drive awareness of the benefits of Vitamin D supplements in the fight against severe Covid-19 infection. 

Cherish created a strategy that used media coverage to galvanise support for the use of Vitamin D to reduce Covid-19 symptoms, and to exert pressure on the Department of Health to consider evidence presented by the scientific lobby. 

We researched and prepared synopses of evidence before taking our evidence to health and science reporters across major national media outlets. This resulted in detailed features and interviews with scientists across influential titles, including The Guardian, Daily Express, The Observer, New Scientist, BBC, Telegraph, Daily Mirror and the i.

We advised the Group to approach MPs sympathetic to Vitamin D supplementation, resulting in Members of Parliament Mr David Michael Davis and Ms Rupa Asha Huq, joining the lobby and taking the case to the Department of Health.

Mr Davis used the media coverage to directly address the Secretary of State for Health during the regular Coronavirus briefings in the House, resulting in the Secretary of State acknowledging the media coverage and the lobby and confirming that the evidence for Vitamin D supplementation and the roll out of free Vitamin D was being discussed within the Department.

The campaign reached millions, engaged influential media and MPs. In November 2020, the Government confirmed that it was to promote Vitamin D supplementation during the winter months and that it was making the supplement freely available to 2.5 million vulnerable Britons.

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