19 October 2021 General News

We are Wilful!

Did you know that Cherish celebrated its 18th birthday this year?

Over the years, we have helped hundreds of companies with their PR; we’ve grown up alongside world-leading brands like match, Vimeo, Wix, Watchshop and eHarmony; we’ve celebrated client partnerships that have lasted for over a decade, and watched interns blossom into CEOs.

Today the world has changed and we have too.  Increasingly, the innovators and game-changers we’re working with are focused on the growing climate emergency. From ocean energy, battery technology, vertical farming, sustainable search, innovation investment is focusing on how we solve the world’s biggest and most pressing problems.

That’s why we are delighted to announce that from today, Cherish PR is joining Wilful, a new taskforce agency group that has brought together communications and branding agencies and marketing experts to support the world’s most innovative businesses focused on positive change.

Cherish is one of two founding agencies for Wilful. Where we bring expertise in working with innovators, founders and technologists, our partner Gong Communications brings expertise in sustainable development. We are joined by design agency, Made With and in consultation with green marketing author and brand strategist, John Grant. Wilful’s Chair is Mike Rowe, founder of digital agency group 1000Heads.

As part of the merger, we’re moving to new offices in Marylebone High Street, London W1 and our team is growing to over 30 in the UK and Kenya.

Cherish founder Rebecca Oatley says the time is right for this change, “We are in another phase of rapid technology innovation with capital chasing game changing ideas and visionary entrepreneurs. This time, the stakes are much higher, we need the most promising innovations to find their audiences or the consequences for all of us could be dire. That’s our Wilful mission, right there.’

Cherish will continue its outstanding work with world leading startups, scaleups and global innovators and our Wilful team will mean that we can now apply our skills and expertise to companies driving us towards a Net Positive future.

Find out more about Wilful by heading to www.thewilful.com.

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