23 March 2018 Consumer Affairs Fashion Food

Lifestyle Trends – The Clocks Step into Spring

When the clocks move forward, it’s the universal sign that spring is finally here. After a particularly brutal winter, we here at Cherish could not be more excited for the sun to emerge. As we prepare for the bi-annual time change, we thought we would share with you the lifestyle trends we’re looking forward to for the coming season.

Taking to the Great Outdoors

While great weather may not always be guaranteed in the UK, Spring brings ample opportunity to enjoy the best of nature’s offerings. With both the London Marathon and the Oxford and Cambridge boat race set to be big this Spring, there’ll definitely be the chance to revel in the sunshine. We’d also suggest moving your Easter Weekend celebrations outside too! Delish suggests putting together one of these Spring cocktails, and taking a pitcher outdoors as part of Easter lunch.


Filling our Wardrobes with Colour

This year, Pantone, the authorities on colour, have announced Spring 2018’s colour trends to include a rich ‘Cherry Tomato’, a vibrant ‘Lime Punch’ and an earthy burgundy shade by the name of ‘Chili Oil’. A far cry from the pastels and florals that usually dominate this season, we’ll be seeing punchy colours across fashion, interiors and accessories. Unorthodox maybe, but beautiful and intriguing all the same.

Embracing the Best in Food

As the seasons change, so too do our inclinations towards eating. No more do we have to rely on pasta bakes and soups for comfort and warmth. Spring brings new promise for food, and so it’s only natural that this year, we’ll see a renewed interest in good foods for gut health, and plant-based protein. Probiotic foods such as kimchi, miso and kefir are making their rounds, as a way to directly tackle bad bacteria in the gut. Now is the perfect time to try making kefir yogurt a daily staple or incorporating kimchi into salads. With veganism on the rise, more and more chefs are experimenting with tofu, tempeh and quinoa, perfect for a lovely Spring day.

We’ve faced the wrath of Storm Emma, and experienced actual Snowmageddon, but Spring is upon us. We hope you’re all as ready for the joys of springtime as we are!

Written by Jasmine Prasad, Cherish PR

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