8 May 2023 Business News in Brief Tech


In 2020, millions of British households changed for the better. As we all locked down, 4.7 million households also decided to finally live out a lifelong dream by adding a pet pal to their family, and with 35 million pets across 17.4 million households, Pandemic pets now account for 27% of UK pet households.

It’s no surprise that in 2022 the pet tech market was valued at $5bn and analysts predict that it’s set to grow by a further 15% in the next ten years. It has entrepreneurs, startups and investors excited and we are seeing all sorts of brilliant tech-enabled products and services targeted at these new pet owners.

But what  tech will we expect to see in the next few years? And how will it change our households for the better? We checked out a few up-and-coming pet tech brands that are either already here, or that we may see on our shores pretty soon.


Vetster (vetster.com)

Canadian vet-tech platform Vetster raised over $30M in 2022, using the investment to expand its telehealth service outside of its home market and into the US and UK. The service is making its mark as pet owners grapple with pressures on time and money. Here at Cherish, we handle UK consumer PR for the Vetster team to ensure that UK pet owners are aware of the significant benefits of virtual vet appointments – and we get to work with loads of amazing pets in the process… yippee!


Paaw (paaw.co)

Paaw is a Paris-based pet adoption platform that brings the thousands of animal care centres and shelters together in one place online, connecting them with potential pet parents. Still only available in France, we are hoping that it will come to the UK very soon as according the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association, as many as 3.7 million dogs have been given up for adoption in the UK in the past two years.


Trusted Housesitters (trustedhousesitters.com)

Not a new pet-tech company but a fast growing one, TrustedHousesitters is on a mission to create a world where pets can enjoy their pet parents’ vacations, just as much as the parents do. The company has been going for over 12 years, using a digital platform to connect pet parents and pet sitters worldwide, so that there’s always something to look after little Tiddles when you’re off to Tenerife. Genius!


Just Russel (justrussel.com)

From raw food diets to vegan dog food, the pet nutrition industry is evolving at pace but for many pet parents, the variety of products on offer is confusing. Enter Dutch dog nutrition startup, Just Russel which is using AI technology to match the unique dietary requirements of the individual animal with the correct dog food. By answering questions on your pup in its proprietary app, Just Russel then tailors the right food for the unique needs of your pet. We’re hoping Just Russel heads to the UK very soon.


Biscuit (biscuitpetcare.com)

Biscuit wants to create a world where pet health and happiness comes first, because if our pets are happy, we are too! It is working towards its mission by developing a pet wellbeing app that rewards you for improving your pet’s health and quality of life. It’s been developed here in the UK and we’re watching closely to see how it fares. Walkies!


PETGENOMA (genomapet.com)

Finally, another British startup, founded by scientist and pet parent, Jackeline Palma, MSc. MBA who, after 10 years working in Human Applied Genetics, turned her attention to canine genetics to understand what was going on beneath the skin of her beautiful Chihuahua, Bridget. PETGENOMA uses DNA testing and genetic screening to prevent and delay diseases.


Why we love pet tech

As a company of pet parents and animal lovers, here at Cherish we’re keeping a close eye on the evolution of pet tech towards and happier, healthier future for our beloved animals. We’re excited to be part of this movement by working hard to support the amazing Vetster.

We know that as a founder, you need a good consumer PR agency at your side, to translate your vision into a story that resonates with British and international audiences. Great consumer PR can act as a catalyst for growth, attracting attention from new customers, subscribers, partners and investors, and at the end of it all, what better than happier, healthier pets to enrich our families and our lives.

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