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London Marathon 2018: Top Running Gear Picks

Roads are set to close, barriers are being put up and the flags are out. It is that time of year again: The London Marathon. This weekend around 40,000 runners, from all around the world, will descend on the capital city to tackle the iconic 26.2 mile course and hopefully raise lots of money for charity. Morale is sky high, and if you’re anything like us, you will find yourself cheering the runners on from the crowds or tuning into the action with a tasty fry up – it’s an annual tradition.

The majority of runners who take part in the London Marathon take the challenge pretty seriously – even if they don fancy dress for the big event. Marathon runners train hard, understand technique and have a competitive streak. This also means they invest their hard-earned cash on the latest running gear and gadgets. So what are the must-have essentials on the market for marathon runners in the making?

The Fitness Tracker

Activity trackers have come a long way, in both substance and style. There are a wealth of different models available, from simple heart rate monitors to all-inclusive GPS, Bluetooth and calorie counting smart watches.



Garmin’s Unisex Forerunner 235 is available from Watchshop.com for a cool £249.99. Not only does it look pretty swish and suit both guys and gals, but it is genuinely smart. Its activity tracker records steps for heart rate based calorie computation.

You can pair the watch with your phone to access Garmin Connect – where you can download advanced workouts and training plans – and get notifications of calls, emails and messages, plus audio prompts and live tracking. It even has customisable watch faces, so you can keep your personal style while pounding the pavement.

The Running Shoe

This is England, so a dry and sunny marathon is not guaranteed, particularly in early spring. It is definitely best to be prepared for wet and windy conditions. Luckily for marathon runners, Adidas have released a rain-ready essential – the most important piece of kit – the running shoe.



Adidas’ UltraBoost All Terrain retails at £169.95, and is primed and ready for adverse weather conditions. Its weather resistant film stops any damp soaking through the upper, along with the high collar to stop any ankle drips. The outsole has added grip, helping you avoid slipping and sliding on soggy ground, and the ‘Boost’ midsole keeps things bouncy. It also looks great, so you don’t have to worry about bringing a change of shoes for the post-marathon pub trip.

The Sports Bra

This is one for the ladies. Proper support is necessary for a good run – the unbearable pain of bouncing breasts will really slow you in your tracks – so a high impact sports bra is essential. One that is really turning heads in the world of fitness is the Panache Wired Sports Bra, a recommended choice for busty runners.



The Panache is an underwired encapsulation bra (it has two moulded cups, for that added comfort!) that offers a variety of sizes all the way up to a 40GG. This bra has several different colour options and is convertible to a racerback, which offers even more support and flexibility. A decent sports bra will make sure even the bustier runners stay happy all the way to the finish line!

The Headphones

Music is a great motivator to runners, but in 2018 an old pair of headphones and a playlist just doesn’t hack it anymore. Cue KuaiFit Headphones, a clever in-ear system which means you don’t even need to take your phone (or iPod if we are being old-school) with you.



Currently available via Amazon market place for £99.99, the wireless KuaiFit Headphones has 8GB of storage for your music, as well as boasting a heart rate monitor. However, one of the most exciting aspects of this product is the in-ear smart coach, who trains you in real-time. KauiFit’s fitness plans are devised by Olympic athletes and verified coaches, so you know you are getting expert guidance. New PB here we come!

There is a wealth of awesome gadgets and unmissable gear for runners out there that not only help our marathoners perform at their best, but look cool while doing it! The London Marathon is such an extraordinary day for the city – we Brits love any excuse to line the streets, wave flags and toot horns – but the atmosphere it creates is electric. We wish all of this year’s runners in the London Marathon the best of luck with the race, we will be there rooting for you, and of course checking out your choice of running gear!

Written by Sara French, Cherish PR

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