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Client Snapshot: eHarmony Consumer Research

To get you in the mood here’s a snapshot into some consumer research work we conducted together with eHarmony. Some of you out there may be searching for Mr or Miss Right; the perfect partner who in the current lingo of TV talent shows and property programmes, ‘ticks all our boxes.’ But although we might dream of knights in shining armour or perfect Mila Kunis-lookalike all-round perfect women, the partner we pick to grow old with usually bears little resemblance to this perfect vision.

And good thing too as not only is ‘perfect’ actually pretty boring, but a recent YouGov consumer research we commissioned with client eHarmony found that one of the things we love most about a partner is their ability to put up with our imperfections. Over 2000 married Brits were asked to disclose the best and worst bits about living with their other half; suffice to say the results were unexpected. Surprisingly 42% of men said that they love the fact that their partner puts up with their moods, whilst 24% of women said they loved it that their partner listened to them when they rant.

Relationship advice expert for eHarmony, Jenni Trent Hughes says that it’s when a couple is truly compatible deep down that they find a balance between the good and the bad habits. So, it seems that in the game of love, it pays to be imperfect. Here are the results:

Results from men

Loves Annoyances  
They put up with my moods42%They take a long time to get ready28%
They are affectionate when we are alone and in public21%They are a back seat driver21%
They’re always interested in my day17%They worry too much about money16%

Results from women

Loves Annoyances  
They make me laugh38%They can never find anything30%
They’re happy to do household chores29%They are messy20%
They listen to me when I rant24%They control the TV remote18%

If you are looking for a PR consumer research match made in heaven, feel free to get in touch info@cherishpr.com or drop us a line +44 (0)20 3626 0283.

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