7 March 2013 Business Client News Tech Trends

Client Snapshot: Wix.com Brand Networking Event

Following neatly on from our journalist event on Wednesday, Cherish PR took part in a second event on Thursday of last week, this time for 70 of Wix’ UK-based website users. The focus of this brand networking event was to increase our client’s brand awareness in the UK region. Our client Wix regularly holds free ‘meet ups’ around the globe to help its users with anything from technical migration of their sites, to online branding. Held in Covent Garden’s very light and airy Wallace Space, it was a free educational event that gave a number of Wix’ small business users the chance to learn the latest about web design trends and get some handy hints for PR-ing their site and their business.


A talk was given by Daphna, one of the web design experts from Wix, in which she outlined ways in which to make the most of the web publishing platform. Round circles in bright colours on a homepage are one of the web trends of the moment; other topics covered ranged from website visibility on mobile and tablets to optimising sites for SEO and beyond.

Following Daphna’s talk, Cherish’s senior consultant and PR guru Julie stood up to discuss ways in which the Wix users could raise the profile of their small business using various media engagement tactics, without the use of an agency. She discussed some tips for how to write a quick and easy press release, tips for opinion piece writing and infographic-creation, and gave many of the attendees food for thought.

When the second talk concluded there was a couple of hours of networking, in which the Wix users were able to approach both the Wix experts and the Cherish team for one-on-one advice on how best to raise the  profile of their business. With a brilliant turn out and some really interesting businesses in attendance, we were thrilled at the outcome of our second Wix event in as many days.

And for any small businesses out there in need of some profile-building tips, here are seven of Julie’s best:

  1. Tell a compelling story – Dramatic career change? Rags to riches? Really innovative business?
  2. Invest in great photography – high resolution lifestyle and cut-out shots
  3. Get case studies onboard, people to reinforce your service/products
  4. Integrate PR & Social media: Use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram to extend your articles to the social media world
  5. Think big – TV and radio are just a phone call, or a free sample or competition away
  6. Spend some time every week doing PR, e.g. 1 afternoon a week; or hire an agency or consultant
  7. Be creative! Use topical hooks, e.g. Christmas or The Oscars and create samples/ add fun images or theme your press releases etc. Don’t let budget limit creativity.
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