3 October 2016 Business Digital Tech

How To Guide: Securing Techcrunch Startup Tech PR

It’s safe to assume that every startup worth their salt wants their moment of glory in Techcrunch and it’s easy to understand why. With a monthly reach of 29 million of the world’s digital thinkers, it offers unrivalled exposure to the tech and investor community. Here we share our guide to securing Techcrunch startup tech PR.

What’s the deal? 

Yes, being featured in top industry publication will get your startup or small business invaluable exposure, however, that doesn’t always mean it’s going to be positive. If you’re still smoothing out business wrinkles or if you haven’t worked out your messaging and positioning to make you stand out from the crowd, the verdict and resulting coverage may not be good. Before reaching out, stop looking at your startup from the inside, start thinking like your end customer and keep looking at what makes a good story on this globally renowned outlet. Think, are you ready to share all those facts and figures that you will need to make an outstanding story

If you’re not ready, then cut your teeth on other, very effective alternatives like relevant bloggers who will be passionate about the problem you are solving. A blogger campaign is a great way to reach out to individuals that understand your language and are keen to find out more about new products or services that relate to their niche.

What can I do? 

While working with Spoon Guru a nutrition and allergy app, we developed a strategy that allowed the company to involve bloggers interested in the food allergy topic and, consequently, directly reach out to new users, triggering more app downloads.

One of the many strengths of working with media and bloggers is being able to tap into their social media following. Again, this can be tailored to the audience demographic your startup would like to reach. If carefully selected, media and bloggers often push their content through their social media channels, which means a wider audience for your business.

By talking to those who are passionate about your sector, you will be able to learn from the questions they ask, practice your responses and hone your skills in creating a strong media pitch, ready for the scrutiny of the Techcrunch team.

So there it is, our short and sharp guide to securing Techcrunch startup tech PR. For support getting your startup noticed by the right people feel free to get in touch via info@cherishpr.com or +44 (0)20 3626 0283.

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