11 November 2016 Awards Business

Award Winning: How Awards Can Build A Startup Brand

We all know that getting a startup brand off the ground can be time consuming and at times, can feel like an up-hill battle. The last thing you may think about is putting your fledgling business forward for an award. However even at this early stage, the rewards of being shortlisted or winning an award can be numerous, so here’s why you should go for it:

Free marketing – Awards from organisations such as Startups.co.uk and The Europas are a great way to get your startup some free marketing. Shortlist and winner announcements are usually shared on social media as well as being reported by the relevant media. Being shortlisted can result in your small business being seen by new customers as well as increasing your brand awareness.

Bench marketing – Awards can be a great way for your startup to get a handle on the competition. Assessing you competitors can give you insights into market trends and more importantly, highlight what you are doing well and where you need to improve.

Credibility – Credibility takes time to build. Awards can be an effective springboard to grow your brand recognition and credibility because it gives you the backing of a respected organisation.

Whilst working with Indiegogo, we have submitted the UK Director for several awards, as part of this program we managed to secure Marketing Magazine’s Digital Marketing Maverick Award. As a result, we managed to raise her profile and she was frequently asked to make expert comment and to participate in further awards and events.

Attract partners and investors – Awards are also a great way to introduce your startup to potential investors and VCs.

Motivation for the team – Being shortlisted and/or winning an award can be a fabulous team motivator. Every member of your small business’ team (however small) wants to receive recognition. Awards help provide the recognition and that pushes your team to strive and reach important business goals.

Talent – One of the biggest hurdles for startups is hiring. By winning awards, you are showing potential candidates that your startup is the best at what it does. By cementing your small business at the top of your market, talented potential employees are more likely to know about you and apply for a job!

The benefits of entering awards with your startup brand are many, so make it part of your communication strategy. If you’d like any further information about applying for an award or PR for your startup, please get in touch at www.littlebearpr.com.

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