11 June 2018 Business Events Tech

Technology Hub: London Tech Week 2018 in a Snapshot

The time of year has come around yet again where the technology hub of London come together to celebrate all things innovation and gadgets at London Tech Week 2018. Not one to miss out on the action we have curated our top events to check out over the week *drum roll*…

  1. Art of Work with keynote from Lord Sebastian Coe

Famous for his role in the Olympics 2012 bid, Lord Sebastian Coe will open this event which brings cloud technologies to life. Combining our love for art and technology, this event will showcase the power of technology. During his keynote Lord Coe is set to share some anecdotes from his life experiences, covering everything from running, his political career and the Olympics – sharing his take on business transformation.

  1. Developer’s Ball Out

Truly taking the technology conversation offline with this event – we bring you a giant ball pit with like-minded technology enthusiasts. Hosted at Ballie Ballerson, this event is all about having the opportunity to make connections in real-life. Expect attendees to be from all walks of technology life and a lot of energy and it sounds like the perfect networking experience. We have been to Mexican wrestling mixers, so this seems right up our street!

  1. AI Summit

A mecca for all things Artificial Intelligence (AI), the AI Summit is a hive of innovation when the latest developments in the sector are showcased during the two day event. Expect the extraordinary as AI takes further hold of both the home and business alike, from personal assistants to automation.

With something for everyone, London Tech Week recognises the diverse technology hub that we have in the capital. So it’s time to get your geek on, sign-up to an event and most importantly enjoy what London has to offer this week! Feel free to share with us via Twitter or Instagram any events you attend this week, we would love to hear from you 🙂

By Holly Forrest, Cherish PR 

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