21 February 2018 Consumer Affairs Fashion Trends

Cherish PR: Our Lifestyle Trend Predictions for 2018

In the past two months, we’ve explained some of the biggest trends to emerge from 2017 in tech, and we’ve also outlined our favourite stories to come out of the Consumer Electronics Show. But we’ve got our finger on the lifestyle trend pulse too! As PR professionals, it’s a part of our job to know what everyone is going to be talking about, before they start talking about it.

With the term ‘lifestyle’ defining so much, from wellness, to food, to fashion and beyond, it can be a challenge, on the Consumer Lifestyle team, to determine which trends are going to hit big, and which will not. We’re here to share with you what we’ll be paying attention to in the year ahead.

What We’ll Be Eating

Moringa is the new Turmeric, people! While we may have been waxing lyrical about the golden spice last year, 2018 will see your Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards filled with carefully composed shots of Moringa lattes. Dubbed a ‘miracle tree’ by some, Moringa has been proven to have a positive effect on liver function, skin, hair, cardiovascular health and eye health, among many others. We think it’ll take Turmeric’s place as functional, yet fashionable.

What We’ll Be Watching

Between the Winter Olympics, and the FIFA World Cup dominating Summer, it’s safe to say that 2018 will be a pretty huge sporting year. We’re likely to be glued to our screens for both events. The 2014 World Cup Final drew in an estimated 20 million people in the UK, and with the added controversy of Russia as a host country, we’re expecting more viewers this year. Not to mention, the World Cup featuring in countless PR strategies.

What We’ll Be Reading

The call for diversity across all media is perhaps being most felt in literature. Books are becoming more and more encompassing of all experiences, with the London Book Fair this year designed to showcase Baltic authors. Particularly anticipated releases include Zora Neale Hurston’s Barracoon, in May, and Zadie Smith’s Feel Free: Essays. The Guardian also noted a new trend for empathetic literature, across 2017’s most popular Summer titles, as a result of last year’s political upheaval. We’re expecting to see some great titles all over our Twitter feeds.

What We’ll Be Wearing

Thanks our client WatchShop.com, we pay very close attention to which accessories trends will be popular each year. In 2018, our sunglasses will downsize, as the tiny sunglasses trend, started by Bella Hadid last year, will be in full force by Spring. These Calvin Klein glasses are a great way to get the look. As for jewellery, the statement earrings and pendants of 2017 are no more. Instead, glitzy, chandelier style pieces will be back. Apparently we’re overdue a 00s revival. Check these Guess earrings out for a little inspo.

We’ll be interested to see how 2018 develops for lifestyle trends. While we’ll be looking out for all of the above, there’s no telling for definite which trend will become the next big thing. Check in with us at the end of this year, and we’ll see how accurate our lifestyle trend predictions were!

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