3 September 2019 General News

Life of an Intern: A glimpse of my first week at Cherish PR

When I was pursuing my Master’s degree, everyone kept on telling me how grateful I should be that I was still a student & I could still be carefree. I, on the other hand only wanted the constant headache of never-ending submissions to end! Luckily enough, I got an internship offer with a PR agency right after the end of my classes. As I am typing this, I am already two weeks into my “work-life”.

Like any other individual in my position, I was quite nervous on my first day. Let’s face it, interns don’t have the most exciting or glamorous job profiles! I had a brief introduction with everyone in the office space, and I instantly felt at home. I guess one of the reasons for that was because of how welcoming everyone was towards me. One thing that came to my notice instantly thanks to my little experience with internships is that like any other agency, everyone at Cherish is always swamped with work. That, in turn leads to me never having a dull day there!

The kind of work I’ve been doing here is both new & exciting. The preconceived notion that fetching coffees is the only job an intern does  is not entirely true. Doing the odd jobs is a priority for me, but that’s not the only thing I do. From the first day, I was encouraged to participate in the team meetings & the activities happening around the office. Although I haven’t been at Cherish for long, there is always an acknowledgement for my work. And yes, the responsibilities I deal with all relate to PR! (Contrary to popular belief that interns are not usually a part of the team).

I completely vouch for the fact that the culture of an office makes a difference in the level of satisfaction amongst the people working there. Being an intern, the expectation of  not being a “part” of was always there. However, two weeks into my internship and I am still consuming everything in! While this may appear to be a very promotional article considering that all I’ve been mentioning is how amazing my workplace is, it isn’t.   I’m still wrapping my head around a lot of situations. For instance, there’s so much work happening around me at all times that I barely get a minute to myself. Weirdly, I enjoy that a lot because that is exactly what I signed up for! (And there, I became appreciative again).

Honestly, how you perceive your internship determines if it will turn out to be a memorable experience or not. The kind of work you’re dealing with eventually becomes secondary. Come to think of it, there’s not a lot that’s required to seek the most out of an internship: put in some extra effort, ask what you don’t understand, voice your opinions and stay confident & trust me, you’ll never have a dull day!

So to all my fellow peers out there, if you are looking to work/ currently working as an intern, I know there are a lot of tips out there for acing your internship. But there’s one that will help you in the long run.  Cherish the time you spend at your internship in every way you can! That little experience will shape you the most for all your future endeavours! Also, pun intended. 🙂


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