18 November 2022 Health PR Musings Trends


Let’s face it, commuting can be a drag. The mundane routine, forced to be placed in close proximity to your fellow commuters – all before 9am – can push anyone to their limits. But here’s the secret, commute hacks. They have the ability to turn any commute headache into a happy commute. Here Richa Kundnani, resident commute guru, shares her top tips.

Did you know that Brits spend an average of two hours trekking to and from their jobs? When you’re standing at the train platform waiting for the tube to arrive, every minute that goes by can feel like an hour that’s been lost. Add to this delayed trains, swarms of travellers elbowing in every direction and you’ve got a recipe for a headache before you even get into work.

However, it’s time to change up this mentality! Your daily commute doesn’t have to be that way. Why not use this time as an opportunity to multitask and be productive? Whilst we can’t promise that you won’t sometimes have your face in someone’s armpit or feel like a sardine, here are some ways that you can make the most of your commute:

1. Take a break

Typically, mornings can be quite rushed – showering, picking out a coordinated outfit, figuring out your breakfast, etc. Use the time spent commuting to gather together scattered thoughts and pull together your task list for the day on your phone or notebook, so you have a clear and focused mind by the time you enter the office. Your list doesn’t have to be limited to your workload at the office. This is a great time to get any ‘life admin’ out of the way by using apps such as WonderBill to organise your household bills and EverNote for personal to do lists such as groceries to buy and appointments to set up.

2. Listen to Podcasts

The popularity of podcasts and audiobooks have skyrocketed in the past few years, and why not? They’re a great way to get recharged, educated and entertained. No matter what topic you’re interested in, there’s most likely a podcast for you. Jump on the bandwagon with our favourite podcast of the month: Selfie, a podcast all about self-care!

3. Walk part of your commute

Take advantage of the weather when it’s good and get off the tube station or bus a stop or two early. A few minutes of walking is an easy way to incorporate some exercise in your daily routine, as well as help reduce stress levels.

4. Practice mindfulness

We just finished our first course of Mindfulness, led by Stuart Hillston. While we haven’t mastered it just yet, mindfulness is all about being in the moment and paying attention to the present. It can help reduce stress as you change your focus from being mindless to being more mindful. Read more about its importance here. Start with the basics – the three step breathing space, which consists of acknowledging your present feelings and surroundings; gathering and focusing your thoughts to your breathing; and expanding your awareness around breathing to your whole body.

5. Change up your routine

Consider taking a different route to work or waking up slightly earlier to treating yourself with your favourite beverage or doing a morning gym session. Alternatively, brew your own favourite drink at home. With The Temperfect mug (available via Indiegogo Marketplace), you don’t need to worry about burning yourself or waiting in an epic coffee shop queue, plus can save the pennies. This will add some positivity and help you break away from your morning routine, bringing more positive vibes to your mood.

Whilst commuting can feel frustrating and in some cases like a waste of your precious time, try the above tips to be productive and you will soon reap the benefits. You might just find yourself to be more relaxed and dare we say – even looking forward to your next commute!

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