3 November 2016 Business Digital

Can PR help you raise your startup profile? Yes, it can!


Let’s face it, unless your one of the rare few startups that the world plucks from obscurity and begins talking excitedly about, you’ll need to work hard to build your profile.

Luckily, there are a number of ways you can get your startup on the right people’s lips, starting with a hard-working PR campaign. Here are some of the benefits of good PR:

Users – PR can help raise your profile by introducing your product or service to the media and ultimately, to your target audience.  Last year we helped launch Wix.com’s new Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) website builder by driving influential users to try it. We organised a website building workshop targeting bloggers and freelance journalists, exactly the target audience for the product and an influential one at that.

VCs & investors – Obtaining investment can be one of the hardest hurdles a young business has to jump but PR can help provide the perfect environment to make a pitch. Not only does it raise awareness at the right time, it can also be used to prove that your product or your business is of interest to its target audience. The media are fierce guardians of what is interesting and relevant to their readers so getting a positive piece in the right outlet means a potentially positive reception in the wider market.

Partners – Partnerships can be an effective way to raise the profile of both your small business and the partnering business but think carefully about what you can offer to your partner that they don’t already have, particularly when you’re unlikely to have big bucks to spend with them. For example, earlier this year we established a partnership between Indiegogo and Blooming Founders to create the Indiegogo female entrepreneurship campaign. Through this partnership, Indiegogo reached an audience of aspiring and upcoming female entrepreneurs, whilst Blooming Founders offered advice and guidance for its members from a leading finance platform.

Industry – Getting recognition from your industry and peers will result in significant new opportunity. PR can help put you and your business forward for industry awards, business features and networking events, building your personal as well as business credibility. Recently, we worked closely with Real Innovation Awards to feature our clients, providing an effective building block in opening doors to new opportunities be they talent, partner, supplier, adviser or even investor.

These are just a few examples of how PR can support your startup or small business getting the eyeballs it needs to succeed. If you want to find out more, reach out to our expert team on hello@littlebearpr.com

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