The ability for individuals to raise money from crowdfunding has revolutionised finance and enabled many companies and causes to achieve their goals. Cherish has worked with crowdfunding pioneer Indiegogo since it launched in the UK in 2012, at first introducing the CEO to tech influencers, before running a more intensive programme of consumer media relations in film, music and broader consumer media.

Working on campaigns featuring James Franco, Benedict Cumberbatch, Sir David Attenborough, Chris O’Dowd and Will Ferrell ensured mainstream consumer coverage across entertainment pages, while local UK cause campaigns were placed on national morning TV shows.

In its first year, Indiegogo featured in over 1,000 news articles with over 150 million impressions. Today, crowdfunding has a momentum of its own and best of all, Indiegogo now takes centre stage in most pieces, just like its CEO at UK tech conferences and with tech media.