DYLON Machine Dyes asked us to inspire new users to try the product for the first time, while communicating the brand’s eco credentials to young digital audiences. We commissioned research to discover that we BUY, BIN and DON’T WEAR half of what we own. People wanted to upcycle, but they needed guidance on how.

So we developed a partnership with leading British sustainable fashion designer, Christopher Raeburn, to show the British public how easy it is to transform old clothes into something new, using DYLON Dyes. 

Christopher upcycled a t-shirt, shirt and pair of jeans and the resulting images of this process were used to create three visual tutorials hosted on the DYLON Dyes website to illustrate how easily it can be done at home.

Our campaign positioned DYLON Dyes at the heart of the sustainability and upcycling conversation, delivering over 50 high-profile UK media placements, including Vogue Business, London Evening Standard, Yahoo and Fashion United.