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Occasionally we offer our PR services pro bono and it’s been incredible over the past few weeks to work in that capacity with Dr Gruff Davies on his mission to increase awareness of the benefits of Vitamin D in the fight against Covid-19.

Dr Davies has gathered a group of eminent scientists who are lobbying the UK Government to recommend that we all take at least 2000 IU of Vitamin D every day. Many studies, …

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social media for startups

Back in January we blogged about 2020 being a new start for UK businesses. “2020 is going to be a very different year for the UK”, we predicted. Little did we know how scarily true that statement would come to be. 

The year that the world went into lockdown and we all faced challenges that we’ve never faced before, but amidst those challenges we saw innovation come to the forefront. We were – and still …

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PR and SEO: 5 tips on how to enhance your PR strategy for voice search


When it comes to mastering and creating a powerful PR strategy, aligning PR and SEO is often overlooked. Yet, by incorporating good SEO principles, businesses can supercharge their PR, driving significant value from  their communications efforts.

Yet, whilst many clients and agencies are still grappling with how to align PR and SEO, the world of search has moved on and the rise of voice search is set to transform how we create and communicate content. …

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Introducing Loud, our new social media and influencer marketing team


We have exciting news!  This week we are introducing Loud, a brand new social media and influencer marketing team.

Just like Cherish, Loud will work with fast-growth brands and startups to create smart social and influencer strategies that integrate with media relations.

Formerly part of 1000Heads, Loud joined the Cherish portfolio in 2019, bringing clients including eBayforCharity and Elanco. Headed by Director, Danielle Carter, Loud will now offer paid and organic social campaigns, content planning …

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Covid-19: How Cherish PR boosts morale whilst we’re working from home


With the world going into lockdown, many of us are feeling the rush of emotions that comes with a global health crisis – panic, uncertainty and appreciation for our incredible NHS. At Cherish HQ, like most office based businesses, staff are now working from home. Luckily, our ability to effectively carry out work has had little disruption by being remote. However, with many staff members living in London and house sharing, self-isolating (and mostly confined …

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Why good crisis communications are vital when times are tough


I was talking to a friend earlier this week. She was in tears. In the space of 48 hours, her multi-million pound business had shrunk by 60%. She was telling me that her business was in crisis, that she had failed, that she was done.

I am sure these conversations were happening across Europe and the rest of the world at the same time as that call. Confidence has flat-lined, markets have crashed and everything …

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Food, design and storage but always disruption for this London PR agency


We’re more than two months into 2020 and it’s been a disruptive start to the year for this London PR agency!

In January, we became the UK PR partner for Attic Self Storage, with a brief to drive brand awareness and word of mouth in London and further afield. Attic Self Storage offers convenient storage options for consumers, startups and small businesses with 24-hour, 7 days a week access within a safe, secure and welcoming …

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2020 will be a new start for UK business as innovation focuses on a sustainable future


2020 is going to be a very different year for the UK. Fresh out of Europe, the UK will be negotiating and entering new trade deals with the world. We’ll be establishing a fresh identity and looking forward to a summer of football as we host several matches in the European Championships. Could we see 2020 as a year when we finally refresh that national pride that’s been missing since the summer of 2012?

From …

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