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Celebrity PR – What’s the value?


One week ago today TOWIE star Gemma Collins sensationally packed her bags and left the celeb infested Australian ‘jungle’ citing “it was just toooooo hard”. Don’t start feeling too sorry for old Gems though, she still banked a reported cool £42k. Not bad for 3 days work. Here we take a look at celebrity PR, the pros and cons in a socially switched-on world.

Many have been left outraged by her sudden departure, the main …

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PR Investment – When’s the Right Time?


PR stands for reputation, like a developer stands for coding, or a gardener stands for gardening – but when is the right time to make PR investment? It requires daily dedication, a long term commitment, monitoring and learning to make it better. It could be that for those failed campaigns we have noticed, they simply didn’t commit to PR after the big launch, maybe because the funds weren’t in place. Without a long term commitment, …

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