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Cherish PR: Our Lifestyle Trend Predictions for 2018


In the past two months, we’ve explained some of the biggest trends to emerge from 2017 in tech, and we’ve also outlined our favourite stories to come out of the Consumer Electronics Show. But we’ve got our finger on the lifestyle trend pulse too! As PR professionals, it’s a part of our job to know what everyone is going to be talking about, before they start talking about it.

With the term ‘lifestyle’ defining so …

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Poetry in the Modern World


Social media has revolutionised countless human activities and is now a fundamental way for people to interact, capture and share memories. What’s interesting is looking at how social media can help continue legacy forms of art and culture. In this blog, we take a look at how poetry is brought to life in a modern world.


Turning Back the Clock

Poetry as an art form predates literacy. Let that sink in. Before we had …

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CES 2018 Round-up: Consumer Technology Takes Over


Bendy TVs. Personal assistants. Self-driving electric cars. The world’s thinnest laptop. And a blackout – cue Oreo – must mean only one thing, CES 2018 – one of the world’s biggest consumer technology shows.

CES 2018 was a bumper of a year and the Cherish PR team loved reading about the new consumer technology at this year’s event, so we’ve compiled our favourite stories from #CES2018.

Holly: “For me, my CES highlight has to be …

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