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The Road to Success: Solving Challenges of High Growth


This week we hosted a workshop with our client for start-ups and small businesses, with the topic of understanding the challenges faced by high growth. High growth is a goal for some small businesses, but at what cost to the longevity of the company? Grow too fast and you can be tripped up by back-end technology and team support, which will cause your customer engagement to free-fall. On the flip-side, not growing fast enough can make your company stagnant and then you end up missing the high growth curve. So, with that in mind the experienced panel prepared themselves for all the questions from an eager audience wanting to find out more.

On the Night

It was a great opportunity for those in early stage and mid-size to gain insight and understanding from a panel of experts, all of whom have a part to play in setting up a successful business.  With experience of raising funding, managing finances, legal, marketing, tracking and analysing business stats, hiring the right team and of course, finding the right working space to push your business to success, our panel engaged with the audience, offering knowledge and experience of what works well and what to consider during those stages of growth.

If you missed our tweets on the night, here’s the details of the panel from the night.

The panel :

We had a fantastic time at the event. It was great not only hearing from the panel advice and anecdotes from their experience, but also meeting people who are looking to shake-up industries with their business.

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