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How to create a PR campaign for your pop-up


PR campaigns come in many shapes and forms. Sometimes small and focused on a niche market, other times they span multiple markets and PR disciplines. One PR campaign aspect we are increasingly seeing is pop-ups. Whether it is product focused, a experiential marketing exercise, often brands look to pop-ups to engage with customers.

Being based in London, we feel that we are at the heart of pop-up central with new ones quite literally popping-up everywhere! Not a day goes by without Emerald Street, A Little Bird or The Londonist telling us about the must visit temporary shopping concepts in town. From foodie start-up’s to ‘miss it, miss out’ fashion pop-ups, or even restaurants. This led us to think, what makes a successful pop-up, how does it sit within a PR campaign and more importantly – what does good look like?

Pop-up stores started getting very popular a few years ago. They’re cheaper solutions than year-round installations, and they can generate a lot of buzz for companies during essential months. They’re often strategically placed during the summer season in outdoor locations for shoppers, or put up just in time for the launch of a product or film.

Booking your space and getting your shop fit sorted is only half the battle of launching a successful pop-up. Having a strategic PR campaign in place will be key to making your pop-up a success. Our top five things to consider are:

  1. Don’t forget the publicity
  2. Create a PR activity calendar
  3. Be targeted with your targeting
  4. Regionals rule
  5. Social media is priceless

The lovely team at Appear Here asked us to share our views on how to create a PR campaign for a pop-up – so feel free to take a read of the feature in full if you are set to embark on your own pop-up journey.


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