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Top Vlog Hacks: To Vlog or Blog?


We recently revamped our blog and our shiny new look got us thinking about whether we should start our very own vlog. “Video is the way forward,” cried the tech team! “Creative writing is a skill” cried the consumer team. The truth is that both have a place but it’s a good debate so we thought we’d dig in, here are our top vlog hacks!

A few factors come into play when thinking about which …

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The Road to Success: Solving Challenges of High Growth


This week we hosted a workshop with our client for start-ups and small businesses, with the topic of understanding the challenges faced by high growth. High growth is a goal for some small businesses, but at what cost to the longevity of the company? Grow too fast and you can be tripped up by back-end technology and team support, which will cause your customer engagement to free-fall. On the flip-side, not growing fast enough …

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Client Snapshot: Indiegogo Campaign Media Training Tips


Our media training specialist once said ‘people think they know exactly how to deal with media based on what it’s done in TV dramas and films’, but there’s much more to it and that’s why it’s crucial to understand the media landscape and what makes a story appealing to the media.

One of the most important things for media is timing, significance and proximity. Journalists are looking for stories that are new and trending, but …

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Social Media Trends: Periscope


Social media trends change almost on a weekly basis. Every few months a new app pops up that gets us just a little bit excited here at Cherish. Launched in late March, Periscope had us from the words ‘live stream’. We downloaded and eagerly awaited the notifications to watch our first live video. After watching a select few – some good, some not so good, it got us thinking if people are using the service …

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PR Tactics: Understanding The National News Agenda


Ever looked at a story which is high on the national news agenda and thought “I should be part of that”? Then look to a PR to insert you in the conversation. News monitoring, news-jacking or piggy-backing is a fundamental tool of a media hungry PR who knows when and how to jump on a story.

But an intuitive, experienced and strategic PR equally knows when to leave a news story well alone. This might …

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How to create a PR campaign for your pop-up


PR campaigns come in many shapes and forms. Sometimes small and focused on a niche market, other times they span multiple markets and PR disciplines. One PR campaign aspect we are increasingly seeing is pop-ups. Whether it is product focused, a experiential marketing exercise, often brands look to pop-ups to engage with customers.

Being based in London, we feel that we are at the heart of pop-up central with new ones quite literally popping-up everywhere! …

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Trust your Business Intuition, it’s Based on Fact


Here’s a story about business intuition, a first-hand account from Cherish PR. “I had my worst business experience ever when I was 22. Six months into my first job in PR and I was let loose on a client case study. I had my script, my questions, I’d arranged a time to call the client and was ready with pen (yes, a pen) in hand.

I called, he answered and I began. Question 1 went …

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Top Tips: How to be a PR Intern Superstar


Most of us here at Cherish have got into PR by being a PR intern themselves, so we all know what you’re going through. It’s a rite of passage and a stepping stone to a career in PR, so I asked some of the members of the Cherish team for the top tips they would give to PR interns who want to impress. Here are their words of wisdom…

Don’t be afraid to share your…

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PR Tactics: Blogger Relations Advice


Blogger relations; can it be time consuming? Yes, but is it a waste of time? True blogs are an influential channel to reach a highly targeted and engaged audience and an important component of your SEO strategy, but so many brands’ SEO teams simply buy their way into blogs and in doing so, waste their money and their time.

Convincing a blogger that the brand is a good fit and asking them to commit to …

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Top PR internship tips



We are always on the look-out for a brilliant intern; someone who’s hard-working, willing to get stuck-in, and committed to showing us why they’d be a great asset to our team. In exchange, we believe we offer a great environment for interns to thrive, learn about PR from the bottom-up and go on to secure that first role in PR.

Although we’ve had some fantastic interns, we’ve also had a mountain of generally uninspiring …

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