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#RaidArea51 is digital PR in progress


RaidArea51 has all the makings of a perfect digital PR campaign.

Tomorrow (20th September 2019), thousands of conspiracy theorists will supposedly storm the Nevada desert to reveal the US secrets stored in Area 51. For those of you closer in age to the area number, this phenomenon may have passed you by but in the new digital world, it’s been on the virtual front page for months.

According to Facebook, there are currently 5000 people …

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Life of an Intern: A glimpse of my first week at Cherish PR


When I was pursuing my Master’s degree, everyone kept on telling me how grateful I should be that I was still a student & I could still be carefree. I, on the other hand only wanted the constant headache of never-ending submissions to end! Luckily enough, I got an internship offer with a PR agency right after the end of my classes. As I am typing this, I am already two weeks into my “work-life”.…

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