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How to measure PR


This week, the eyes of the world’s PR big-wigs will turn to London as it hosts AMEC’s International Summit, the coming together of the biggest names in communications to discuss the 5Ms (Making Metrics Matter – Taking Measurement Mainstream), yes you can always rely on PRs for a snappy title. Yet there’s a reason why hundreds of communications professionals gather to ponder how to measure PR. It’s because every client, every boss, every business that …

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Why Instagram is essential for food marketing


Scroll down your Instagram feed and you’re likely to come across a perfectly poured milk heart on top of a frothy flat white, or some ripe strawberries adorning a magnificent meringue. With an average of 75 million active users daily, the popularity of food images which are dominating our Instagram feeds, have a huge potential audience. ‘Foodstagram’ is a key component for a strong food PR campaign. Here are a few tips on how to …

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