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How to create a PR campaign for your pop-up


PR campaigns come in many shapes and forms. Sometimes small and focused on a niche market, other times they span multiple markets and PR disciplines. One PR campaign aspect we are increasingly seeing is pop-ups. Whether it is product focused, a experiential marketing exercise, often brands look to pop-ups to engage with customers.

Being based in London, we feel that we are at the heart of pop-up central with new ones quite literally popping-up everywhere! …

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Trust your Business Intuition, it’s Based on Fact


Here’s a story about business intuition, a first-hand account from Cherish PR. “I had my worst business experience ever when I was 22. Six months into my first job in PR and I was let loose on a client case study. I had my script, my questions, I’d arranged a time to call the client and was ready with pen (yes, a pen) in hand.

I called, he answered and I began. Question 1 went …

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